What kind of sexy underwear is expanded by the chest

What kind of sexy underwear is expanded by the chest

Women’s body will inevitably change with age, and the most common change is the expansion of the chest outward.This is because with the growth of age, the muscles and sternum of the chest will have a relaxation trend, and in specific physiological periods, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc., this will cause this change. This will also give women a dress.The matching brings great trouble.When wearing the right sexy underwear, this problem can be solved well.This article will introduce how to choose a sexy underwear of the chest.

1. Understand your chest type

First of all, you must know your chest type, because different chest types need to wear different styles of sexy underwear.The expansion of the chest mainly refers to the protruding part of the outer muscles and the meat between the outer muscles of the chest.If you are not sure your chest type, you can pay attention to observing whether there is a chest expansion when measuring or trying on.

2. Choose sexy underwear with side support

For women with out -of -chest dilatation, side support is very important.Choosing a sexy underwear with eccentric design can move the meat part of the chest closer to the center, improve the position of the chest, and make the chest more upright.

3. Choose superior elasticity and firming sexy underwear

The elastic design of erotic underwear is very important, especially for women with extra expansion of the chest.Insufficient sexy underwear can lead to more expansion of the chest.Therefore, it is necessary to choose sexy underwear with superior elasticity and firming effects.

Fourth, wearing the sexy underwear of the above chest

When choosing underwear, you must pay attention to the sexy underwear above the chest.Selecting sexy underwear with side branches, internal pad design, and designs with wide shoulder bands and widening backs can provide better support for the chest to avoid affecting the beauty of the body line.

5. Avoid choosing to gather sexy underwear

For women with out -of -chest dilatation, gathering sexy underwear is usually not suitable.Because this sexy underwear will push the chest to the middle, causing the distance between the chest to be too tight, but it will make the chest look more protruding.

6. Choose loose shoulder straps and busty sexy underwear

The sexy underwear in the chest will not only make the body line look unbalanced, but also make the chest more prominent.Therefore, choose a loose shoulder strap and a sexy underwear on the back, so that the chest has a better natural space.

7. Different sexy underwear for sedentary and sports

For long -term sedentary and yoga, women with chest expansion should choose more tolerant sexy underwear.Wearing good elastic underwear can make the chest more supportive, avoid forward flexion and other discomfort.

8. Preferably sexy underwear with nursing effect

It is also important to choose a sexy underwear with a nursing effect for women with an extension of the chest.Interesting underwear containing nursing ingredients can help the chest recover elasticity and firmness, and also contain components such as soothing vitamins and collagen, which has a certain health effect on chest health.

The above is a comprehensive guide to how to choose sexy underwear wearing a chest expansion.By choosing the right erotic underwear, you can make your body lines more perfect and confident.

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