What kind of sexy underwear is fat

How do fat women choose sexy underwear

Sexy sexy underwear is no longer exclusive to thin, fat women can also wear charming sexy.Choosing the right sexy underwear can not only improve your body, but also improve your self -confidence.Here are some tips about wearing sexy underwear.

Choose the right size

Fat women usually wear large -scale clothes, but many people are reluctant to buy large clothes when they choose sexy underwear. This is a very wrong idea.It is very important to choose the right size. The sexy underwear with too small size will only make your curve unclear and uncomfortable.Therefore, choose the right size to keep your body smooth and not restricted.

Choose a suitable style

There are many different styles of sexy underwear, which are not suitable for fat women.For example, girls and lace models are usually only applicable to thin, while some sexy hip models are more suitable for fat women.When choosing a sexy underwear, try to choose a style with slimming function, such as tube top underwear, bodies underwear, etc. These styles usually make your body more perfect.

Choose the right color

Color is another important aspect of sexy underwear.For fat women, dark -colored sexy underwear is a better choice.Dark colors usually make you look thinner, and light colors will make you look fuller, adding prominent effects of chest, waist circumference and hip.If you still want to wear light -colored erotic lingerie, you can choose a brighter color to highlight your self -confidence.

Choose the right material

It is also important to choose the right material.For fat women, thick materials are a good choice.The material can be well shaped by the body line and wrap the flesh tightly.In addition, sexy underwear with lace or other decoration is also a very good choice, because it does not increase the weight while adding a curve of the figure.

Choose the right bra

For fat women, suitable bras can largely change the shape of the entire body.It is very important to understand your bra’s size and choose a bra that suits you.The right bra can make your chest more prominent and make you more beautiful and charming.

Choose the right underwear

Choosing the right underwear can improve your entire body line.Too large or inappropriate underwear will make your body more vivid, so choosing tight or tight underwear is a perfect choice.In addition, some high -waisted beam pants can also shape your waist and hips well.

Add the beam body

If you want the best effect, you can consider wearing a bodotic underwear.They can make your belly more flat and improve your body curve.For example, the chest display is more exquisite, and the waist and hip display just has a curve, which is eye -catching.

Cooperate with suitable shoes

The last thing to note is that with suitable shoes, you can make you more sexy.High -heeled shoes can usually make your legs look slender, making you look more charming.Therefore, don’t forget to choose the right shoes when wearing sexy underwear.


Choosing the right sexy underwear can make you more confident and beautiful in the sexy world.These tips can help fat women become more charming and sexy when wearing sexy underwear.I hope this article can help you, let you find a sexy underwear that suits you, show your charm.

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