What kind of sexy underwear likes for boys college boys


As a representative of modern sexy and fashionable, sexy underwear has become one of the favorite choices for young people to shop.So, what kind of sexy underwear does college boys like?This is a topic worth exploring.

Comfort and texture

For most university boys, sexy underwear is not the point, and they pay more attention to comfort and texture.Some boys think that the texture of sexy underwear is very important, and the breathable and comfortable texture will be more attractive.

Color choice

Color is also an important factor that affects college boys to choose sexy underwear.Black, red, and white are the three most common colors.Many boys like black because it looks more atmospheric.

Short or long style

Under normal circumstances, boys prefer to wear short sexy underwear because they are more cool.On the other hand, there are many fans of long sexy underwear, thinking that they are more noble and elegant.

suitable occasion

Suitable occasions will also affect the type of sexy underwear in college boys.For example, a party or dating, many university boys choose black sex underwear, which will be more deterrent.

Thin or thick

College boys tend to choose thin sexy underwear because they have better breathability, and they are light and comfortable to wear.This is especially important for boys wearing sexy underwear in summer.


Some boys like fancy lace sexy underwear and think they are more feminine.However, this style is more suitable for occasions, and it is usually inconvenient to wear.

Suitable body

The sexy underwear for boys with different figures is also different.Lean -tall boys are suitable for choosing long sexy underwear, and fatter boys can choose short underwear and thin texture to show their advantages.

Brand selection

For fashionable university boys, brands are undoubtedly an important choice factor.Some well -known brands at home and abroad, such as Jacori and Victoria, have extensive male customers.


When choosing a sexy underwear, college boys pay more attention to comfort and color choices, and it is also important at the same time.Everyone’s body and brand preference will also affect the choice.Overall, it is the most important thing to choose sexy underwear that suits you and show your charm.


Interest underwear is not just a female special product, men can also choose to suitable for their sex underwear.Only by finding a style and brand that suits you can you better show your charm.

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