The original Shenli Yueren wears fun underwear

The original Shenli Yueren wears fun underwear


"Original God" is a highly anticipated game, and Li Yue people are the characters that are popular with players. Recently, some paintings have appeared to put Li Yue people on the appearance of sexy underwear, which has caused many netizens to have many netizens’s.Follow and discuss.

Types of sex underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that can stimulate erotic and increase sex.There are stockings, underwear and mini briefs.At the same time, sexy underwear is divided into different types such as business, evening dresses, nights, fitness and other types.Liyue people put on sexy underwear is also quite a new attempt.

The image characteristics of Liyue people

The image of Li Yueren is the fluttering of white clothes, tall figure, and cold and beautiful. In the game, the players are highly sought after by players. Therefore, the artists put on sexy underwear for Liyue people, which not only meets the player’s sexual needs, but also reflects the sexual needs of the player, but also reflects the sexual needs of the player, but also reflects the sexual needs of the player, but also reflects the sexual and interesting needsThe painter’s deep understanding and expansion of the image characteristics of Liyue people.

Changes in the style of painting

In the general character painting of the original "original god", the character’s clothing is generally more conservative, but after the artists put on a sexy underwear for Liyue people, the style of painting begins to become a little bold and sexy.Although this has also triggered some controversy, it is undeniable that this attempt has greatly expanded and sublimated the image of Liyue.

The relationship with the game production company

Regarding the storm of Liyue people wearing fun underwear, the game production company has not yet issued an official statement, but it can be imagined that this situation may have some impact on the development of the game.The game company will adjust and change according to the player’s response and market demand, but also need to pay attention to maintaining the original taste and gameplay of the game.

is it suitable

Some people have a negative attitude towards the thoughts of Liyue people who put on sexy underwear and are worried that they will have a negative impact on the image of the game.But in fact, sexy underwear is also a popular clothing element. Such an attempt is exactly in line with the principle of the game’s deep popularity.

The problem of asymmetry of gender characters

Although the paintings of Liyue people in sexy underwear have taken the bold and sexy route, it also aroused some people’s doubts and believes that the male characters in the game have certain asymmetry compared to female characters.This phenomenon is not unique to the game, but it also needs to attract attention and attention.

Try value

The incident of Liyue people wearing fun underwear showed us the multi -facetedness and depth of a game character image. At the same time, it also allowed us to see the fashion trend of sexy lingerie in the fashion field.For production companies, this incident is also an important attempt, which can bring more market development opportunities and benefits.

The impact and response of players

Liyue people put on sexy underwear and attracted strong attention and enthusiastic discussions by players. Many netizens expressed their support for such attempts. Even players and fans created more interesting paintings and animations for this.This response also illustrates the in -depth insight of the production company’s demand for markets and players.

in conclusion

On social networks, sexy underwear has become a popular fashion symbol, and the incident of Liyue people in sexy underwear deeply confirms this trend deeply.When making games, considering the needs of player and market trends, expanding the character image, and bringing various innovations and attempts, is the foundation of a successful game.

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