The first experience of sexy underwear

Far -long longing

When I was still a young girl, my imagination of sexy underwear was persistent and charming.I have seen countless beautiful and sexy models in magazines wearing various beautiful sexy underwear.I want to know what the sexy underwear feels like.However, I have never had the courage to go to a sexy shop to try.


However, the recent suggestion of a friend made me determined to try it.I decided to take advantage of the weekend’s free time to explore a sex shop.Despite some nervousness, I still gathered in the courage.

Complicated choice

As soon as I walked into the store, I was dazzled by a variety of sexy lingerie and sex toys.What I want is just a sexy underwear that makes me feel sexy, but when I see various types and styles, I don’t know which one to choose.

Professional introduction

The clerk noticed that I was a little overwhelmed, so she came over and gave me some suggestions and introductions.She told me that the material of sexy underwear is very important, and it is best to choose a soft texture.She also recommended me some types and styles suitable for different figures.

Awkward feeling

When I picked a few love lingerie, I started trying it on.But when I walked to the locker room, I felt embarrassed and shy.I know this is a very normal feeling, but I still don’t know what to do.

Careful service

At this time, the clerk appeared again. She understood my embarrassment and told me to relax and don’t worry.She told me that it was a common thing, and she had seen many women feel the same.She asked me if I needed her to wait for me outdoors, so that I could call her when I needed help.

Stunning effect

When I finally tried to go out of the dressing room, I felt that I put on new clothes.I have never experienced such a feeling before, and I am amazed by myself in the mirror, which makes me feel very confident.

Pleasant feeling

I bought a few sexy lingerie and some sex toys.Now, every time I put on the sexy underwear, there will be a unique feeling of joy. This feeling is not only the appearance, but also reflects the temperament.

Beautiful experience

Although I tried sexy underwear for the first time, I was glad that I was brave to try, and finally found the type of underwear that made me feel confident and beautiful.This is a beautiful experience. I strongly recommend that others also try sexy underwear.

Beautiful heart

Interest underwear is not a simple external wear, it can deeply affect people’s hearts.Wearing a sexy underwear will feel more feminine and confident, which can have a positive impact on your mood.Whether you want to increase self -confidence or enhance your charm, sexy underwear is a choice worth trying.

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