The owner asked me to wear sexy underwear tunes

The owner asked me to wear sexy underwear tunes

The existence of sexy underwear is to make people more interesting and exciting in sex activities.However, for some owners with tuning sexuality, sexy underwear has other functions.This article will introduce the process and experience of the owner to let me wear sexy underwear, and some noticeable matters.

1. Preparation before training

Before the training, the owner needs to prepare for this training with me.First of all, choose a set of sexy underwear suitable for me, and choose according to my physical characteristics and training purposes.Pay attention to the material and quality of the underwear, so as not to cause skin allergies or uncomfortable.In addition, the owner will arrange the details of the entire tuning process, including venue, time, props, etc.

2. Wear sex underwear

Before the training began, the owner asked me to wear a good sexy underwear.This process is also part of the training.The owner will observe my expression and response, and judge whether wearing is comfortable and appropriate based on my reaction.If it is not suitable, the owner will prompt me to adjust the position of the underwear or replace other suitable sexy underwear.

3. Adjust the wearing method

During the training process, the owner will also ask me to constantly adjust the method of wearing underwear.For example, in a higher challenge, the owner will ask me to wear tighter or more exposed to increase the stimulus and difficulty of tuning.This requires me to constantly adjust the position and posture of underwear to meet the requirements of the owner.

4. Improve the training effect

During the training process, the owner will also ask me to put some specific postures in a specific posture to improve the effect of tuning.These postures may require me to show my body curve more beautiful, or emphasize some specific parts.To achieve these effects, I need to constantly adjust makeup and hairstyle to make the overall effect better.

5. Use props

In order to make the training richer and stimulating, the owner also uses some props during the training process.These props may include thermometer, handcuffs, ropes, and so on.These props will not only increase the stimulus, but also make me enjoy the process of training more.

6. What you need to pay attention to during the training process

Although sexy underwear and props can bring stimuli and fun of tuning, you need to pay attention to some matters in the process of tuning.First, be sure to pay attention to safety.All props should check the quality before use and use it according to the instructions.Secondly, we must minimize the impact of underwear on my body as much as possible to avoid discomfort.

7. The skills of the master tuning

If you want to adjust a obedient and obedient slave, the owner needs to have certain skills.First of all, the owner wants to make me feel safe and trustworthy.Only on the basis of security and trust can I follow the wishes of the owner more intimately.Secondly, the owner needs to understand my physical characteristics and preferences to formulate appropriate training plans.Finally, the owner should observe my reaction at any time and make adjustments based on my reaction.

8. Feeling after training

Although it may be accompanied by some pain and discomfort during the training process, after the process is over, my body and psychology will be greatly relieved and relaxed.This feeling is not the same, making me think the master’s training is worth it.


Sex underwear and tunnels introduce more possibilities and possibilities.If there is sufficient trust and cooperation between the owner and the slave, then the training can make both sides get greater satisfaction and experience.

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