Boyfriend wants to try all kinds of sexy underwear

Boyfriend wants to try all kinds of sexy underwear

When her boyfriend proposed to try on various erotic underwear, his girlfriend could not help but hesitate and embarrassed.But in fact, sexy underwear can make the life between lovers more colorful.If you have n’t tried or do n’t know where to start, you may wish to see the following suggestions.

Choose a suitable style

For girlfriends who first buy or try sexy underwear, it is important to choose a stylish style that is suitable for you and her boyfriend.To learn more about the color, style and material of sexy underwear, it can better meet the needs of both parties.

Consider comfort

Although the hot style is eye -catching, it is necessary to consider comfort.After all, long -term uncomfortable sexy underwear can make the body feel uncomfortable and affect the mood.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, girlfriends should consider fashion and comfort at the same time.

Attention to detail

The details of sexy underwear are fleeting, but it is these details that make the whole sexy lingerie more elegant and charming.Girlfriends can start with details such as lace edge, bow, and perspective models to create more attractive effects.

Understand the size

Sex underwear needs to meet the body size of a girlfriend like ordinary underwear.If the size is wrong, it is very uncomfortable to wear.Girlfriends can measure data such as bust, waist, and hips before buying sexy underwear in advance to avoid buying inappropriate sexy underwear.

Try a set

For girlfriends who have tried sexy underwear for the first time, they can start with various sets, including tops, lower clothes and stockings.Compared to buying single items alone, the suit can present a complete and unified match to make it more coordinated and natural.

Having hairstyle and makeup

The effect of sexy underwear needs to be improved by hairstyle makeup.Girlfriends can try some simple and easy -to -learn hairstyles and makeup skills, and give a better presentation for different sexy lingerie styles.

Find a suitable occasion

Interest underwear is not necessarily only worn in the bedroom. On the contrary, you can consider more occasions, such as romantic dinner, or your own birthday celebration.In the appropriate occasion, sexy underwear can maximize their charm.

Try your body graffiti

When wearing sexy underwear, you can draw some body graffiti such as tattoos, which can better make the overall effect of sexy underwear and attract your boyfriend’s attention.

in conclusion

When a boyfriend proposes to try various sexy underwear, his girlfriend should actively try and discuss.Choose a style that suits you and his boyfriend aesthetic, pay attention to comfort and details, master the combination skills of size and attractive bonus, and understand the occasions and details of the occasion, which can make the lives of both parties more colorful.

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