Underwear is still sexy sheets

Understand underwear and sexy underwear

Underwear is the basic item in the wardrobe, which is used to protect and provide support.And sexy underwear is a more sexy and irritating choice, which is usually used for sex games or private moments.Although both are to protect and provide support, they have different design purposes.

The style of underwear and sexy underwear

The style of underwear is usually more conservative and simple to provide support as the main purpose.Sex underwear is bolder, sexy and exciting.Lace, satin and other materials are usually used in sexy underwear.In addition, sexy underwear will also increase various decorations and details, such as bow and rivets.

The function of underwear and sexy underwear

The main function of underwear is to provide support and protection to make women more comfortable and comfortable.Sex underwear is more inclined to sexual stimuli and enjoyment.Sex underwear can be used as part of the sex game, to increase passion and stimulation.Or they can also be used to enhance self -confidence and freedom.

Applicable occasions of underwear and sexy underwear

Underwear is usually suitable for daily life, providing comfort and support, making women more confidently face every daily life.And sexy underwear is mostly used in private space or sex bureaus, increasing passion and excitement, making women more freely express and enjoy.

Material of underwear and sexy underwear

Underwear usually uses comfortable, soft, breathable materials, such as cotton, silk, and elastic satin.Sex underwear uses sexy, exciting, bright and bright materials, such as lace, silk, and imitation leather.

The beauty of underwear and sexy underwear

The beauty of underwear mainly comes from its support effect and appearance.And sexy underwear focuses more on sexy, neutral or challenging appearance.Join decoration and design enriches the beauty of sexy underwear.

The price of underwear and sex lingerie

Because of the different materials and design, sexy underwear is usually higher than the price of underwear.The price of underwear can be changed according to various factors such as brands, materials and quality.When buying sexy underwear, consumers can consider quality and cost -effectiveness.

The size of underwear and sexy underwear

Underwear can be selected according to different figures to obtain the best support and comfort.Interest underwear pays more attention to aesthetics and appearance, but it is also necessary to have a better experience.

Maintenance of underwear and sexy underwear

Whether it is underwear or sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to maintenance.Underwear can be used to maintain quality and appearance with washing, drying and storage skills.Sex underwear usually requires more detailed maintenance measures to ensure the quality of use and appearance.

in conclusion

The difference between underwear and sexy underwear is design, use, aesthetics, materials, prices, size and maintenance.Choosing underwear or sexy underwear is personal preferences and needs.When buying any product, consumers need to make a wise choice to get the best enjoyment and value.

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