Walking on the streets on the street

Walking on the streets on the street

Interesting underwear is always a very controversial fashion match.Some women think it is a fragile and cheap taste, while others think it is a kind of self -confidence and self -esteem.If you decide to wear sexy underwear, the following is the main point you need to consider:

1. Determine your own purpose

You need to carefully understand your purpose.Do you want to provide some stimulus to your partner at home, or are you going to show your confidence and sexy in public?No matter what your bold dress is for, you need to prepare and plan for this.

2. Select the style depending on your own situation

The style of erotic underwear is quite rich. From the texture of lace and mesh to milk stickers and handcuff accessories, you need to determine the style that suits your own characteristics.If you are a small woman with a small bust, you can even choose the style of the inner pad of the bra to increase the visual effect of the chest.

3. Quality and materials are the key

When choosing sexy underwear, quality and materials are crucial.If you choose products with high price but poor quality, you may have a problem with physical discomfort.It is best to choose a material with good breathability to maintain a dry and comfortable feeling.

4. Understand your body shape

Different body shapes need different underwear size and styles, so be sure to measure your bust and waist circumference size carefully.If you try a special style and find that it is not suitable for your body shape, then don’t force yourself to use it.

5. Accessories can make you more sexy

In addition to the texture and style of the underwear itself, you can also choose to suitable for your own accessories to enhance the visual effect.For example, choosing a lace shawl or a diamond pendant can make you more sexy and charming.

6. Pay attention to comfort

Interest underwear is not a victim about beauty.You need to ensure that wearing its comfort and not affect your skin health.Before buying, make sure you have tried the sexy underwear you will buy to ensure that the size, materials and allocation are appropriate.

7. Pay attention to hygiene issues

In addition to choosing good quality sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to the use and maintenance of sexy underwear.After using the sexy underwear to be cleaned and dry, put it back to the storage box to ensure its hygiene and health.

8. Don’t be too exposed in public

Wearing sex underwear is definitely a bold behavior, but in public, you need to pay attention not to expose too much to ensure that you will not be condemned by the public.

9. Be sure to be confident and relaxed

Wearing a sexy underwear requires you to bravely show your physical beauty, which requires you to have a confidence and relaxation attitude.If your heart is full of anxiety and shame, it is difficult to show its essence even if wearing the sexiest sexy underwear.

10. The final point

Wearing sex underwear is a way that can increase your self -confidence and self -esteem.Choose the right style, quality and materials, and pay attention to hygiene and health in use and maintenance. These can make you feel confident, sexy and comfortable when wearing sexy underwear.

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