What to do if the sexy underwear is seen by the courier

Introduction: The courier saw the embarrassment of sexy underwear

Buying sexy underwear in daily life has become a common thing.However, sometimes we face some embarrassing situations, such as seeing our erotic underwear when the courier deliver home.So, what should we do?

Embarrassing non -normal: courier sees sexy underwear

As a personal item, sexy underwear has an abnormal contact with strangers such as courier, which will cause many people to embarrass and anxiety.However, this embarrassment is not inevitable, we can take some measures to solve this problem.

Pay attention when mailing: the choice and concealed method of packaging

When buying sexy underwear, we should pay attention to choosing a more hidden item.Many erotic underwear stores provide special packaging methods, which can be sent out in the appearance of conventional items to avoid the tracking of the courier.

Don’t feel shy: directly ask the courier

When the courier arrived at home, I saw sexy underwear. Some people chose to take the courier back first, and then wait for the courier to go before picking up.In fact, you can face the courier directly and ask him if he has seen the content of the package to avoid more embarrassment.

Remove the underwear: Take it out in the face and put it on the clothes

If the courier has seen underwear, we can take the difficulty in the way, directly dismantle the package and remove the underwear, and then change the clothes in person.This can show self -confidence and calm, avoiding the embarrassment of the courier.

Adjusting the mentality: sexy underwear is also normal items

What we need to understand is that sexy underwear is also one of the normal items, and has its own rationality as other clothes.We must be confident to face the courier’s views and attitudes to avoid excessive tension and anxiety.

Legal guarantee: The rights and interests of private items are guaranteed

When we buy sexy underwear, we should also understand and protect our rights.In accordance with laws and regulations, there are corresponding protection regulations for private items, especially in terms of privacy and personal information protection.

Choose a reliable courier company: reduce embarrassing risk

When choosing a courier company, we can consider the reliability of mailing private items.For example, some sexual supplies brands will cooperate with designated courier companies to ensure the strictness and quality assurance of the express delivery process.

Summary: rational treatment, no need to be overly embarrassed

In the face of the embarrassing situation of the courier’s sexy underwear, we need to look rationally and adopt the appropriate processing method.You can choose to pay attention to packaging and concealed methods, communicate directly with courier, replace underwear, etc. to reduce embarrassment, and at the same time maintain a confident and calm attitude.

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