What license to open a sexy underwear store

What license to open a sexy underwear store

Opening a sexy underwear shop is an interesting and challenging thing.But before starting business practice, you need to ensure that you have obtained the necessary licenses and permits.The following are the licenses and licenses required to open a fun library shop.

business license

It is no exception to develop any business needs to obtain a business license.Business license is the official document that is granted to the specific business.The application requirements for business licenses in different regions are different, so surveys should be made to understand the required documents and procedures.In addition, you also need to consider the validity period of the business license and renew on time.

Health permit

Health permit is a license to ensure the safety of customers and employees.The health department will conduct on -site inspections on your store to determine whether you meet the health requirements.If you pass the review, a health license will be issued.This certificate usually needs to be updated every year.

Architectural permit

If your sexy underwear shop needs any construction or decoration work, you need to obtain a construction permit.This certificate is an official document of construction or decoration permit.You need to submit a license to the local government to apply for and pay the relevant fees.When you apply for a license, you need to submit all the necessary documents, drawings and materials to the department.

Fire safety license

To ensure the fire safety of your store, you need to obtain fire safety permits.This certificate grants you the right of business in your position.You need to submit an application to the Fire Department and make sure your shop meets all necessary safety standards and regulations.The validity period of this certificate is usually one year.

License update

Some licenses must be renewed regularly to be effective.If you do not update your license in time, you may face a fine or suspension of business.The expired license can lead to huge legal and financial consequences, so it is important to ensure that it is important to update the license before maturity.At the same time, maintaining a good record of your business continuously can get new licenses more easily.


After obtaining the necessary licenses and licenses, you need to maintain its effectiveness by obeying all applicable laws, regulations and requirements.This can include the right to comply with all security and hygiene standards, abide by tax regulations, abide by labor regulations, and safeguard the rights of customers and employees.If you do not do this, you can face various punishments, including fines, closing your business and/or other legal consequences.


Getting the licenses and permits required for sex underwear stores require a certain time, resources and energy.However, these licenses and licenses are the key to prosperity.It is also important to maintain the effectiveness of all licenses and licenses to avoid unnecessary laws and financial consequences.Winning customers and gaining profits are only part of many challenges.

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