What are the AVs of sexy underwear

What are the AVs of sexy underwear

Interest underwear can not only increase interest and improve the quality of life, but also make women more confident and beautiful.In AV, sexy underwear also plays an indispensable role.So, what are the AVs of sexy underwear?The following will take you to understand one by one.

1. Swimsuit series

The sexy underwear of the swimsuit series often appears in AV.Because the swimsuit can be thin and thin, it can also show women’s beautiful buttocks and long legs.In AV films, female artists are wearing sexy swimsuits, exposing plump cleavage and beautiful legs, tempting male audiences.

2. Student Uniform Series

Student uniforms are one of the sexy underwear that has always been popular with men.In the AV, the female movie stars wore school uniforms, carrying schoolbags or glasses, so that male audiences suddenly returned to Qingxian campus time.The female movie star wears a turtleneck dress, exposing slender waist and white skin, which is more attractive.

3. Sexy installation series

Sexy -installed sexy underwear can be said to be the most eye -catching type.In AV, female artists performed in love, wearing slim sexy underwear, showing women’s perfect figure and cute appearance.Sexy outfits can be lace underwear, or a combination of mini skirts or socks. Putting it, women instantly become charming girls.

4. Stockings series

Stockings are a very feminine sexy underwear. It can not only modify the leg lines, but also remove small defects, and it is more sexy.In AV, female artists often wear black or meat -colored stockings and high heels to expose slender beautiful legs, which makes people bloody.

5. Sexy corset series

Sexy corset is the most popular of many women’s underwear.In AV, almost every female artist will wear seductive sexy corsets, which highlights women’s figure.Sexy corset can be wrapped in the chest, or the shape of a bougainvillea. Put it on it, and the temperament of women instantly improves.

6. lace underwear series

Lace underwear is the most love underwear for women.Not only because it is full of romance and sexy, but it can also modify women’s figure and show a beautiful curve.In AV, female artists often wear black, white, red or pink lace underwear, exuding a romantic atmosphere.

7. Toy Series

In AV, some female artists will wear sexy underwear to use toys.These toys include massage rods, vibration ring, and suitable toys.When the situation is suitable, the female artist will quietly put the toys in the underwear to increase passion.

8. Theme series

Some AV films are filmed for specific themes.For example, demons, angels, fighting, doctors, etc.In these AV films, female artists will wear sexy underwear of specific themes to meet the needs of the plot.

9. Classic Black Series

The classic black series of sexy underwear is also the most appreciated underwear for men.Its smooth fabric and the mutual cooperation of women’s figure are both sexy and warm.In AV, female artists often appear wearing black sexy underwear, coupled with high heels and black stockings, reminiscent of the charm of black.

10. History classic series

There are some classic sexy underwear in history, such as cheongsam, cheongsam, and so on.These traditional sexy underwear are still loved and respected by many people in modern times.In AV, female artists wear these traditional sexy underwear to interpret the perfect fusion of classical and modern.

In short, in AV, sexy underwear often appears, attracting the attention of male audiences.These sexy underwear includes swimsuits, student uniforms, sexy clothes, stockings, sexy corsets, lace underwear, toys, theme series, classic black series, historical classic series.Their appearance not only adds the fun of AV, but also allows male audiences to understand more interesting underwear knowledge.

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