Wear a messy underwear in military uniforms

Wear a messy underwear in military uniforms

With the development of the times and the changes in people’s personality and aesthetic concepts, the new generation of couples and couples pursue more stimulus and pleasure in terms of sex.As a tool to increase emotional connection and experience pleasure, sexy underwear has been widely used.However, even if it is popular with popular sexy underwear, once it is used in inappropriate occasions, it may bring a lot of embarrassment and trouble.So, in some special cases, such as wearing a sexy underwear in military uniforms, how to be decent?Below, you will answer it in detail from the following aspects.

1. Dressing specifications under military uniforms

Whether it is military or other formal occasions, we must be worn strictly in accordance with the clothing specifications.For military uniforms, it is usually necessary to pay attention to the size of the military uniforms, accessories and other details.However, when wearing sexy underwear, you need to be careful, especially pay attention to the exposed parts to avoid abuse, explication, and so on.

Second, another order of sexy underwear and military uniforms

If you want to wear sexy underwear in military uniforms, you need to consider dressing problems.Usually, choose a set of dark tone sexy underwear, and then with a jacket or jacket similar to military uniforms, you can make you more decent naturally wearing sexy underwear and express your personality.

Third, the sewing quality of sexy underwear

If you want to wear comfortable and thoughtful sexy underwear, then pay attention to the sewing quality of sexy underwear.In order to avoid uncomfortable when wearing, you should try to choose sexy underwear without embroidery or fabric details, especially those cheap sexy underwear with poor quality, which may cause uncomfortable to strengthen.

Fourth, color design option

The color of sexy underwear is one of the important means to show your sexy. Wearing bright colors can increase interest, but in military uniforms, bright colors may be inconsistent with the color of military uniforms.Therefore, you can choose a darker color to achieve better results.

5. Selection of sexy underwear style

It is also important to wear or even sexy underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, choose according to your physical characteristics and temperament.At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the style of sexy underwear. The overall military uniform does not seem to be obtrusive, but is more personalized in detail.

6. Interesting underwear affects the image of officers and soldiers

In the end, although wearing sexy underwear can increase interest and regulate the pleasure, in military uniforms, it is necessary to consider specific professionalism.If wearing erotic underwear on officers and soldiers may affect the image of the entire army and professional ethics, it is necessary to pay attention to actual standards and try to avoid similar situations.

7. Interesting interest, you need to consider many aspects

Wearing erotic underwear can increase stimulation and emotional connection, but there are actually many ways to increase interest.For example, cultivate your own sexual skills, maintain good physiology and psychological state, enhance conversation and communication, and so on.Therefore, while paying attention to the appearance of the appearance, we must also pay attention to the improvement of the inner quality.

8. Summary

In the military uniforms, wearing fun underwear can add emotional vitality, but it should be noted that it does not affect occupational and moral standards.At the same time, we can also help us improve the quality of sex and emotional connection by choosing a sexy underwear that suits us, knowing how to match and choosing the timing.

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