Video of the Republic of China sexy underwear

Video of the Republic of China sexy underwear

During the Republic of China, with the opening of society, women began to try to wear more sexy underwear to attract men’s attention.The sexy underwear suit during this period was one of the more common wearing of women at that time.Today, we can see the sexy underwear suits in this period through girl videos.

Style introduction

During the Republic of China, there are many styles of sex underwear suits, with common styles such as waist, breasts, waist, back, and other styles.And the most popular is the chest underwear suit.Bid -chest underwear suit is a kind of underwear used to enhance women’s chest lines and shaped sexy curves.However, it should be noted that the size of the beam underwear suit needs to choose the suitable size of your own, otherwise it will be uncomfortable.

Material selection

The material of the sexy underwear suits during the Republic of China was mostly cotton or silk fabrics.Today, the material choice is more abundant, and some materials such as lace and polyester fiber.These material underwear suits are softer and more comfortable than traditional underwear suits, making women’s skin more fit.


The color of the sexy underwear suit during the Republic of China is mainly black, red, and green. These three colors are full of rich oriental colors.Today, the color of the sexy lingerie set is more diversified, and different colors of different colors such as nude, pink, purple, and blue often appear.At the same time, there are styles suitable for different occasions, such as styles suitable for wearing at home, and styles that are suitable for going out.

Suitable crowd

Interest underwear suits are not only suitable for specific people. As long as they are women, they can wear sexy underwear suits.However, it should be noted that it is important to choose underwear suitable for your own size, otherwise it will be uncomfortable and even affect health.

Fashion matching

The sexy underwear suite can not only be worn at home, but also goes out or show off on social media.For example, it can be paired with elements such as jackets, skirts or short skirts, high heels to create sexy and fashionable matching.


The sexy underwear suit needs to be cleaned regularly, and it is most suitable to use neutral detergent.At the same time, do not rub and knead, so as not to destroy the structure of the underwear suit and affect the effect of use.After washing, it should be dried. Do not directly expose or use an electric dryer.

Value and Collection

The love lingerie set of the Republic of China was part of Chinese culture and a reflection of the social atmosphere at that time, so it had certain historical value.Today, some of the superb and well -preserved erotic underwear suits have become babies in the collection industry and have a lot of value.

Cultural influence

The fun underwear suit is a concrete manifestation of social atmosphere, and it is also a symbol of further independent, confident, and pursuit of beauty in Chinese women.Today, the sexy lingerie set plays a lot of role in the fashion industry and the cultural field, affecting the aesthetics and values of modern society.


The love underwear set of the Republic of China was a combination of history and beauty, and it was also a sign of women from getting rid of restraint and pursuing beauty at that time.Today, the sexy underwear suit has become the representative of fashion and culture, and appeared in our lives in new forms.Therefore, choosing a sexy lingerie suit that is suitable for your own is an investment from the skin to the soul. It is a reflection of the pursuit of beauty, self -confidence and independence.

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