Video of the Great God of the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Great God


In recent years, sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention in the domestic market. Among them, the domestic sexy underwear has been favored by the audience.In domestic erotic underwear, the quality and process of the Great God of sexy underwear products are praised.Not only that, the publicity of the sexy underwear produced by the Great God is also very creative.This article will introduce the promotional characteristics of sexy underwear in the Great God Kingdom and some of the classic underwear display videos.


The biggest feature of the promotion of sexy underwear in the Great God King is its creativity, bold, and teasing style.Their propaganda often makes people think of sexy underwear, such as "Let your body speak", "Are we here, are you here?" And so on.At the same time, in the propaganda screen, they also adopted many bright and dynamic pictures. By showing sexy, charm, and tempting style, they resonated with the audience.

Video introduction

The video of the Nations of the Kingdom of God also followed a creative route. Some videos use unique lens movement and switching, and some videos are integrated into models and sexy lingerie, making people unable to distinguish which one is the protagonist.Next, this article will introduce several representative great gods’ nation -producing sexy underwear display videos.

Video 1: Romantic petal red

This video integrates special lens movements and sexy underwear display, and the entire video emits a sweet breath.First of all, the film started with a red rose as the background, and a beauty wearing a romantic petal red sexy underwear appeared. The camera moved quickly, showing the wonderful underwear from all angles.

Video 2: Leopard print tease

This video continues the consistent teasing theme of the big magic underwear, showing the leopard’s sexy underwear to the fullest.The video started with the small mole on the model’s face, and then slowly moved to her, highlighting the sexy charm of leopard and sexy underwear and the beauty of women.

Video 3: Sexy black lace

Although this video is not so creative lens movement, the black lace sexy underwear worn by the model is enough to attract the attention of the audience.After wearing a sexy underwear in the video, the model began to put on sexy movements, so that the black lace conquered all the audience with its own charm.

Video 4: charming pink

The overall style of this video is relatively gentle and charming, showing an alternative style.At the beginning is a piano song, and the model at this time stands on the piano, slowly showing the pink sexy underwear on the body. The whole picture is delicate, gentle, and beautiful.

Video 5: White temptation

This video uses a white main color, which is bright, clean and refreshing.The model wears a white sexy underwear, showing the charm of sexy underwear with her confident and beautiful figure. At the same time, with the effect of music, it gives a pure and confident feeling.

Video 6: martial arts feelings

This video is very different from the propaganda method of traditional sexy underwear, using the concept of martial arts feelings.Models and sexy underwear appear in an ancient style scene, as if wearing sexy underwear is almost the same as the ancient martial arts heroes, giving a novel feeling.

Video 7: Douyin Hot

This video absorbs the popular topic elements of Douyin, which has a strong sense of fashion and the times.The model wears pink sexy underwear while the kitchen is busy. In a family -oriented kitchen, her pink sexy underwear suddenly stands out in the red background, giving a feeling of a lady.

Video 8: Black and White theme

This video uses black and white as the main tone, giving a visual sense of elegance, simplicity, and atmospheric.The naked upper body and the flowers with a faint aroma are intertwined in the black and white pictures, reminiscent of natural beauty, pure and sexy, sexy beauty.

Video Nine: Opening the door red

This video was launched during the Chinese New Year, and some elements of the year of China were used. The entire picture is bright, festive and enthusiastic.The model walked out of the red silk wearing a sexy underwear, and suddenly took advantage of the whole picture, which was eye -catching and unforgettable.

Video 10: Romance between flowers

This video is a romantic video in the promotion of sexy underwear.It can be seen that the picture of this video should be taken in the garden, because in the video screen, the rolled flowers and beautiful sky make people feel like a fairy like a fairy.


The promotion and video production of the Great God of the Kingdom of God has a creative, unique and teasing style.Their propaganda is also very soul and thinks deeply.Many times what we see is what effects will be on the body, but in addition to this, the big emotional lingerie is more creative in it.This creativity leads us to feel the enthusiasm of sexy underwear, and also leads us to deeper understanding women’s sexy and confidence.

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