Uniform sex underwear and underwear picture novel novels

For sexy underwear enthusiasts, uniform sex underwear is one of the classic options.The design of this type of underwear combines uniform elements and sexy characteristics, bringing a unique and exciting experience to women wearing them.In this article, we will show readers the charm of uniform sex underwear and explain related knowledge through the form of pictures and novels.

1. Uniforms sexy underwear classification

Fun sexy underwear is mainly divided into many styles such as nurses, police, students and other styles.These underwear usually have similar uniform styles, but the design focuses on the symbols and experience elements of sexy behavior, making women feel that they play different roles after wearing these underwear.

2. Nurse style uniform sexy underwear

Nursing styles are relatively common uniform sexy underwear. The color of this underwear is generally white. In addition, the iconic high -heeled shoes and nurse hats make women become a nurse after putting them on them.This dress can make men feel that interaction with women with strong roles and women bring a physical and mental impact.

3. Police uniform sexy underwear

The uniforms of the police series are mainly black and blue. In addition, the police’s chest cards and alarm sticks make women a police officer.The geometric lines and dark tones used by this uniform make the entire underwear look very handsome and sexy.

4. Student uniforms sexy underwear

Students’ uniform underwear has the iconic design of long -sleeved shirts and short skirts, plus some classic red colors, with a strong campus flavor.This uniform and stripe design look like a teacher assistant, which is very suitable for professors and students to play role -playing.

5. Uniform fun underwear function

In addition to enhanced the sex experience experience, there are some other functions, such as the role of self -cultivation, and shaping the body of women more tight.Some uniform underwear also uses lace or mesh elements to make them feel softer and comfortable.

6. Classification of uniform sex underwear

In addition to underwear, there are many types of uniform sexy underwear, such as G-String, T-shaped pants, ship-shaped underwear.

7. G-String sex panties

The characteristics of this underwear are that there are very few back nodes, and the internal pads are relatively thin. It will feel very light when wearing it, and it is easy to make people feel sexy and romantic.

8. T -shaped pants

T-shaped pants are thickened on the basis of G-String, and the node gradually becomes T-shaped.This kind of underwear is more diverse in shape than G-String. It has both leopard and stripes, as well as various styles such as retro dark and flower patterns.

9. Ship underwear

The rear of this underwear is similar to conventional underwear, but it uses some special materials, such as tulle or fabric, which makes the sense of closeness stronger.

10. Summary view

Uniform erotic underwear is a very popular sexy underwear, and its types and styles are very diverse.Not only can it help men and women to enhance the interesting experience, but they can also go further through role -playing and other forms to make each other’s relationship closer.In addition, sexy underwear is not only sexual products, but also can be worn as ordinary underwear in the usual life, so the scope of application is very wide.

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