Understand the affair

Understand the affair

Sexy underwear is a special underwear that can increase sexual interest and improve emotional relationships.They are widely used in areas such as emotional life, and these underwear are also called sexy underwear, adult underwear or European and American underwear.The following article will help you understand the love lingerie, from styles to materials and types suitable for different figures, so that you have a better understanding of sexy underwear.

1. The type of sexy underwear

Interests of underwear are divided into many types, such as lace underwear, split skirt decorative underwear, bow to decorate underwear, corset, and chest wrap.Each type of sexy underwear has a special nature and attractiveness. For example, the split skirt decorative underwear can increase the beauty of the limbs, and the lace underwear can emphasize the curve of the body.

2. Quota underwear materials

The production materials of sexy underwear are different, but in general, some comfortable, export -level, good and breathable fabrics, such as linen, cotton, lace, etc. The most popular is lace sexy underwear.

3. The color of sexy underwear

Sex underwear can be any color, but the most common sexy underwear color includes black, white, red, bride white and skin color.Black -colored underwear is usually considered a symbol of sexy and tempting, while red means enthusiasm and romantic feelings.

4. The size of sexy underwear

The fun underwear of different brands will be different, so you should first measure your bust, waist and hips to ensure that you have understood your own size and can correctly choose underwear that is best for your body and body shape.

5. Sex underwear accessories

Sex underwear is usually paired with high -heeled shoes, lace stockings, cloud insoles and lace headdress to enhance the attractiveness of underwear.

6. Switching underwear matching

Although sexy underwear is mainly for emotional life, you can also try to wear these underwear on formal occasions or when dating to reflect your sexy and fashionable atmosphere.

7. The exquisite craftsmanship of sexy underwear

In addition to using top fabrics and entry -level fabrics, sexy underwear also needs to be hand -made through exquisite craftsmanship.Generally, this takes a few hours of production to complete to ensure that the underwear is flawless and outstanding.

8. Value of sexy underwear

The price of sexy underwear is different, depending on the fabrics used, the complexity of the production and the added value.Usually, the high -priced erotic underwear has higher -level fabrics and more fine craftsmanship.

Summary of view:

The biggest difference between sexy underwear and normal underwear is its sexy and fashionable.When it is used, sexy underwear can increase the attractiveness and intimacy of emotional relationships.Don’t forget to understand your figure and size, and choose the sexy underwear that suits you best, strengthen emotional relationships, and improve your inner happiness, which is its value.

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