The unique sexy underwear unique to ancient times

The unique sexy underwear unique to ancient times

In ancient times, as a must -have for improving marriage life, sexy underwear had a long history.Although the current sexy underwear is extremely rich and diverse, in ancient times, there were many unique sexy underwear.Let’s take a look at ancient sexy underwear together.

1. Open crotch pants

Open crotch pants are a kind of men’s underwear that is popular after the Shang Dynasty. It uses straight cutting and has a button on the crotch, which can facilitate the man to unlock at any time.Open crotch pants can easily and quickly solve men’s physiological problems, and also make marriage life more interesting.

2. Pull crotch pants

Pulling crotch pants is also a kind of early men’s underwear. Unlike the button design of the open crotch pants, the crotch pants use the combination of buttons and cloth strips, which can better protect the men’s reproductive organs.

3. fit corset

French corset is a kind of women’s underwear popular in the Tang Dynasty.It can closely wrap women’s chest and have good support effects.At the same time, because of the very soft fabric, it is very comfortable to wear.


Panku belt is a waist band of ancient women.It can tightly bundle women’s waist and highlight the beautiful curve of women.The Panzhu belt requires a very fine production process, and each strap has countless details.

5. Celestial Skin

Hyacinth Skinid Skirt is a female skirt that is popular in the Ming Dynasty.It uses the fishtail skirt design, which can not only perfectly show the body’s figure, but also make women feel more calm and confident when walking.

6. handkerchief skirt

The handkerchief skirt is a female skirt popular in the Qing Dynasty.It uses handkerchief sewing technology, which can sew various colors, patterns, and texture of handkerchief yarn together to create a unique sense of layering and three -dimensional sense.

7. Loop trousers

Loch -leaf underwear is a traditional female underwear, which can not only protect privacy, but also increase the feminine temperament of women.Loch -leaf panties often use delicate lace and soft fabrics to make women feel more comfortable.

8. Golden Skirt

The golden silk skirt is a kind of female skirt popular in the Tang Dynasty. It uses a certain amount of golden wire to knit, which is very expensive and exquisite.The golden slopes usually have a very gorgeous detail design, making women more beautiful when wearing.

9. Bird language flower fragrance corset

Bird -speaking flower corset is a kind of women’s underwear that is popular in the Ming Dynasty.It uses very detailed embroidery and pull -line technology, and has a bright and beautiful flower pattern on the position of the chest and waist.Bird’s flower fragrant corset brings to women not only visual enjoyment, but also a soft atmosphere.


Belly -wrapped skirts are a kind of female underwear popular in the Tang Dynasty. It enhances women’s abdominal bondage and makes women more attractive.Writing skirts usually use embroidery and color silk. It has many gorgeous details. It is a very gentle and graceful underwear.

It can be seen from the above -mentioned ancient erotic underwear design that the ancients also paid attention to interest in marriage life.Through the body’s tightness and gorgeous details, it can create a strong atmosphere and enhance the taste of husband and wife life.

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