The sexy underwear bought by Taobao does not ship the goods

Problem Description

As a customer who likes Taobao ’s sexy underwear, I recently encountered a very embarrassing thing on Taobao: a set of sexy underwear I bought was delayed, which caused me not to receive the goods I wanted in time.

Contact merchant

After discovering the situation, I first contacted the merchant and asked about the delivery situation.But the merchant did not reply to me or provided a solution, which disappointed me.

Taobao customer service

Then, I chose to contact Taobao customer service, hoping that they could help me solve this problem.The answer to customer service makes me feel helpless: According to Taobao’s regulations, merchants can freely decide whether to ship during the delivery time.At the same time, the customer service cannot help me cancel the order or refund, because the order is still unprepared.

Arbitration application

Since the merchant did not reply to me, the customer service could not solve my problem. I started to consider initiating an arbitration application to Taobao.The requirement of the Taobao platform is that if the merchant fails to ship the goods within the prescribed time, customers can initiate a complaint to Taobao and apply for a refund.

Refund processing

After a refund application was initiated on the Taobao platform, I quickly received the refund information.In the next week, I successfully received the refund amount.

possible reason

Considering the previous purchase experience, when buying, I did not carefully check the merchant’s evaluation and credit rating.This may be one of the reasons why I bought the sexy underwear.


When buying sexy underwear, it is recommended that customers carefully check the merchant’s credit level and their evaluation.You can also read the evaluation of some other customers to avoid encountering bad merchants.

Suggestions for Taobao platform

Starting from this purchase experience, it is recommended that the Taobao platform increase the regulations and requirements for the delivery of merchants.By strengthening the supervision of merchants, similar situations can be avoided and consumers’ shopping experience can be improved.

Solution & Revelation

Through this purchase experience, I think that when we find that the merchant has not shipped within the prescribed time, we should first contact the merchant actively, hoping that they can handle orders as soon as possible.If the merchant does not reply or cannot solve the problem, a complaint can be initiated to the Taobao platform to apply for a refund.

At the same time, we should also learn to carefully view the credit level and evaluation of the merchant to avoid encountering bad merchants.This can ensure a good shopping experience and benefit from the benefits brought by the e -commerce platform.

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