The story of men wearing women’s sexy lingerie

The story of men wearing women’s sexy lingerie

Men wearing women’s sexy underwear is a more alternative behavior, but it is actually very common.Some people may think that this is just a fun sexual behavior, and others may have a deep psychological inquiry about this, and even think that this is a "free exploration" of gender.Regardless of the reason why men wearing women’s sexy underwear, this is a controversial topic.Next, I will introduce some stories and related information of men’s sexy underwear.

1. The difference between men and women’s sexy underwear

The difference between men and women’s sexy underwear is obvious.Women’s erotic lingerie usually has sexy, lace, satin and tassel elements, while men’s sexy underwear emphasizes breathability, comfort and hygroscopic performance.Men’s sexy underwear is generally made of cotton materials, and some are only made of pure cotton.In addition, the style of men’s sexy underwear is also simpler, and common ones are high -waisted underwear and T -shirts.

2. The motivation for men to wear women’s sexy underwear

Men’s motivation for women’s sexy underwear is quite controversial.Some men do this just to obtain sexual stimulation; others think that this is a way to explore the same gender and gender identity, and they try to break the restraint under the traditional gender framework.There are also some men who feel that women’s underwear is more comfortable and more fashionable than male underwear.

3. Men in popular culture wearing women’s sexy underwear

Men’s scenes wearing women’s underwear often appear in popular culture.In the movie "The Devils of Prada", the protagonist Meryl Streep is wearing a pink underwear of a ballet dancer; in the movie "I’m Legend", the actor Will Smith is also wearing a tight T -shirt.These scenarios may represent the acceptance and approval of a behavior of men’s sexy underwear to a certain extent.

4. The impact of cultural concepts on men’s sexy underwear

In some society, men’s sexy underwear is still a kind of behavior that is severely condemned.In the traditional culture of Western countries, men wearing women’s underwear are regarded as an act of arrears and deviating from conventional.But in the ideological and culture of some Oriental countries, it is more open.For example, in the popular cosplay in Japan, it is common to see the scene of men wearing women’s sexy underwear.

5. Will men’s underwear affect sexual preferences?

Some people think that after men put on women’s sexy underwear, their sexual preferences will change.In other words, this is a process of gender exploration that makes people even more interested in certain gender characteristics.But this statement lacks scientific support, especially for people with firm and gender cognition.

6. Men’s most commonly worn women’s sexy underwear

Men wearing women’s erotic underwear, more popular wearing Bikini underwear and tight underwear.Tight underwear helps to highlight the body and muscles of men; and bikini underwear allows men to get more sexy and comfortable dressing experience.

7. Men wearing women’s erotic underwear and cross -gender people

Some people believe that men wearing women’s erotic underwear and cross -sex groups all show their challenges to gender traditions.However, this statement is fragile, and it usually extensive an interpretation of prejudice.In fact, everyone has a unique view of the way to formulate gender identity standards.

8. A suitable occasion for men’s sexy underwear

The appropriate occasion of men’s sexy underwear should be in the consent of both parties or in some private activities.In public, this is an unsuitable behavior, because it may cause the public’s gaze or prejudice, or it may bring other problems.


Men wearing women’s sexy underwear is a more controversial topic. In fact, it does not have good or bad.The appropriateness of this behavior can be determined according to its own values, cultural background and sexual preferences.But the important point is to respect the choices of others and their own, and avoid unnecessary trouble or harm to others.

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