The most exposed sexy underwear

The most exposed erotic lingerie type

Sexy underwear is a sexy dress for modern women.From a slightly dew -point style to a completely exposed style, it is rich in color, and different underwear styles are suitable for different types of women.Among the many types, the most exposed erotic underwear is the following.

Transparent stockings set

The translucent stockings suit is a sexy underwear that perfectly combines transparency with stockings.They are made of various materials, such as Yamari, lace and net eye.Unlike his interesting underwear, the translucent stockings suit exposes most of the female body of women, making women with beautiful and sexy figures release charm in virtual.

Sexy tattoo beaded set

The sexy tattoo beaded set is a sexy underwear that pastes and binds various fake tattoos and beads on the body.Compared with real tattoos, this tattoo can be changed and removed.It gives women youthful vitality and amazing appearance, making them more confident and charm.

Retro cheongs

As one of the traditional Chinese clothing, retro cheongsam, after redesign and production, has become a sexy and well -known sexy underwear.The skirt and off -shoulder design of the skin shows the charming and gorgeousness of women.Today, with Chinese and Western culture interweaving, retro cheongsam has become a mainstream in the fashion industry.

Sexy vest set

Sexy vest set is a rare sexy lingerie.This underwear is composed of naked breasts and transparent vests. Although it does not show too much skin, they can still show women’s sexy and charm.They are the ideal choice for sexy dressing, and they can be worn on multiple occasions.

Light -faced stockings set

Light -faced stockings set is a sexy underwear that combines stockings, gloves, tight panties and restraint bands.They are made of high -quality materials, such as smooth lace, underwear cotton and meticulous mesh.This underwear is particularly suitable for tall and plump women.

Metal texture bra

Metal texture bragle is a brand new sexy underwear. It is made of metal materials and has metal slices and large arcs covering the chest.Although they may remind people of armor, due to their smooth lines and beautiful proportions, they show the beautiful figure and sexy charm of women.

Lace white vest set

Lace white vest set is a very sexy sexy underwear, composed of tight underwear and white lace vest.Relying on its transparent edge and material with lace, this underwear conveys a fresh, sexy and charming atmosphere, which is the best choice in summer.

Transparent lace suit

The transparent lace suit consists of a completely transparent ultra -fine hoop and a bra -blessing bra, showing the perfect female figure.They are suitable for women who like to show their bodies and show their wonderful curves, and they will inevitably become the focus in sex parties or private parties.

Small vest transparent set

Small vest transparent suits are composed of streamlined vests and transparent helmets.Due to the matching of its naked belly and skin color underwear, it makes it a very sexy and joking sexy underwear.

Passionate Cowboy Cloak Set

After a very delicate design, the spots can show the body and sexy of women. The unique tailoring makes people think of adventureism and freedom.They are suitable for women with slim figures and can promote their body wisdom and charm.


No matter which one woman chooses the most fleshy sexy underwear, it needs confidence and courage.These underwear styles are unique and can help women show their physical and self -confidence.Carefully selecting the right sexy underwear can make your sexy charm, passing a self -confidence and mature female charm.

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