The complete works of Guangzhou sex lingerie show video


The Guangzhou sex lingerie show is one of the largest sexy lingerie events in China. Every year, many sexy lingerie brands participate in each year. It shows the latest sexy lingerie design and style, attracting the majority of interesting enthusiasts and fashion enthusiasts to come and watch.

Number of brands

The Guangzhou sex lingerie show attracts hundreds of sexy underwear brands each year. Fochie underwear from the national area to the European and American regions involves various styles.This is a diversified sexy underwear event, showing the design and trend of sexy underwear from all over the world.

Style of performance

The performance style of Guangzhou sex lingerie show is different from other fashion shows.The fun dress shows more sexy and imaginative power. It usually uses popular music and special effects to increase the viewing experience. This is also the charm of the sex lingerie show.


The Guangzhou sex lingerie show is not only a exhibition, but also provides additional services, such as shopping services, family private parties, couple parties and customized services.In addition, there are some places that provide catering services, Kang Sports Club, VIP lounges and entertainment venues, providing a perfect relaxation and shopping venue for interesting enthusiasts.

Show object and audience

The Guangzhou Sex Underwear Show is not something everyone can visit. It is only open to adults 18 and above. Each exhibitor will also have their own threshold requirements.The audience comes from different backgrounds and occupations. They like sexy and imaginative design and culture together.


The history of the Guangzhou sex lingerie show dates back to the last century. At that time, the first sex underwear show was held in Black and White Pisa in Paris, while the Guangzhou sex underwear show began in the late 1990s.One of the internationally renowned sexy lingerie brands.


The price of sexy underwear displayed on the Guangzhou sex lingerie show is usually much higher than the sexy underwear we see in ordinary shopping malls. This is because they are usually limited or customized, and they pay more attention to sexy underwear design, fashion and quality.The audience can buy on -site or through the sales channels in advance.


Although the Guangzhou sex lingerie show is already a relatively mature sexy underwear exhibition, it is well known that the sexy underwear market has very high consumer demand. For sex underwear designers and brand exhibitors, this is not only a business opportunity, but also continues to continuePromote the platform and motivation of sexy underwear design and fashion development.


Guangzhou sex lingerie show is a grand event that integrates display, service and shopping.Here, spoil enthusiasts can appreciate the latest sexy underwear design and trends, and at the same time enjoy various services that increase the viewing experience. In addition, for sexy underwear designers and brands, this is also a promoting sexy underwear design and developmentBusiness opportunities and platforms.

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