The bad beauty of the sexy underwear student outfits

The bad beauty of the sexy underwear student outfits


With the improvement of living standards, sexy underwear, as an emerging clothing category, is increasingly favored by women.However, when buying and wearing sexy underwear, some women make some mistakes, especially wearing sexy underwear with student clothing, which often makes people a bad impression of "bad mother -in -law".This article will share with you how to avoid this embarrassing situation.

Error one: The material is inappropriate

Material is one of the most important factor in sexy underwear.Generally speaking, the material of sexy underwear should be soft, breathable, and elastic texture to shape the perfect curve.If you wear a sexy underwear with hardness or rough material, such as artificial fibers, polyester, etc., your feeling will be very uncomfortable.At the same time, the material should also match the fabrics of the student’s clothing. Do not use too thick or weak sexy underwear to match student clothing to avoid poor visual effects.

Error 2: The size of the size is inappropriate

The size of a sexy underwear is one of the key to measuring the perfect match. Excessive size or small size will affect your body and curve.There are differences in different brands of size. It is recommended to compare the size table carefully when buying, and then choose according to your body shape and size requirements.Of course, you can also customize self -testing sizes in professional sexy underwear shops, which can better reflect your figure charm.

Error 3: Improper color matching

The color matching of sexy underwear and the color matching of students also need to pay attention.If you choose sexy underwear with bright and bold color schemes, and the opposite of the student’s outfit, then you will look incompatible. This visual impact may not be what you want.The reason for this problem is usually lack of sufficient consideration, so it is necessary to be careful when buying.

Error 4: The shape does not match

Students’ outlooks are fresh and elegant, while sexy underwear focuses on the display of curves and forms.If the shape of the sexy underwear is too much modified or designed, it will conflict with student clothing.Therefore, when wearing fun underwear, you must choose the right curve installation or T style according to your body shape, so that the underwear you wear is more personal and natural, and you have a good echo with the students.

Mistake 5: Improper matching

The matching of sexy underwear is also very important. Don’t put on casual casual clothes when wearing sexy underwear, which will make the whole look look very unsatisfactory.The optional match has high -waisted A -line skirts, lace hooks and thin jackets, etc., which can be used to create a gentle but sexy atmosphere.

Error 6: Details are not available

Some women did not notice some details before wearing sexy underwear, such as underwear bandwidth, adjustment of the strap position, whether the underwear uses high waist or low waist, and so on.This will affect your body and visual effects, so you must consider it carefully when you choose and wear.

Error 7: Underwear style selection improperly

There are many types of sexy underwear, with various styles such as leaks, hook flowers, hollow, lace, etc., but different underwear styles are suitable for different occasions.For example, the leakage style is suitable for a more sexy and open night market; and the hook fancy is prone to a messy visual sense. It is recommended to choose a fish tail shape; and the T -type style can show your curve very significantly.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, you must choose according to the characteristics of the occasion and own form.

Error 8: Do not pay attention to the overall sense

As a new way of dressing, sexy underwear often lacks overall sense when cooperating with student clothing.The location of sexy underwear is different, and the effect of wearing students after wearing students is also different. It needs to be matched with its own overall image.


When wearing sexy underwear, only when you fully consider the texture, color, matching, details and other problems of student clothing, can you perfect your wonderful curve.I hope this article can help everyone. When wearing sexy underwear, there is less difficulty and more confidence to show your sexy charm!

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