Taobao sex underwear buyer photo


In the past few years, Taobao’s sexy underwear shop has become more and more popular on the Chinese e -commerce platform.These shops sell for various sexy, sexy and treasured sexy underwear, which has won the love of many shoppers.

Appearance and material

On Taobao, the appearance and material of sexy underwear are usually the focus of buyers’ attention.The appearance of some sexy underwear is charming, but the quality is not good.Therefore, it is best to check the buyer’s photos before buying to get a better understanding.

The importance of buyer photos

The photos taken by Taobao sex underwear buyers are very useful, because this can help other shoppers better understand the products, including size and quality.In addition, these photos are still advertising materials for the store, which can attract more buyers.

Authenticity and reliability

Although sometimes photos on Taobao may be a bit over -trimmed, the photos taken by buyers are usually real because they are not merchants and have no relationship with the store.

Impact of photo quality

Photo quality is very important for decision -making on sexy underwear.Factors including photo clarity, light, and shooting angle can affect a person’s choice of underwear.Therefore, buyers need to find high -quality photos as much as possible.

Breast and waist information

The size of the sexy underwear on Taobao may be different from the well -known buyer, so buyers need some reference to understand the appropriate size of the product.The bust and waist information in the buyer’s photos are often very useful.This information can help consumers better determine the size and adaptability of underwear.

Display of different human types

Due to the different types of human body, the effect of sexy underwear may be very different.Many times, buyer photos can show how different human types are adapted to a sexy underwear, which is very useful for buyers.

Objects to upgrade underwear suits

On the occasion of buying a sexy underwear suit, the buyer’s photos can also display all the information inside the suit.This is very useful for buyers, which can help them better understand every item contained in the suit, as well as how these items are matched.

Information in the photo review area

Taobao’s photo review area is not only used to show photos. In many cases, the information of the comment area is also very useful.This information includes quality, size and style, which can help buyers better understand the goods and the reputation of the product in the Taobao community.


Overall, photos of sexy underwear buyers on Taobao are very useful, which can help consumers better understand the appearance, size, quality and applicability of love underwear.When buying underwear, be sure to check the photos of others to get a better understanding.

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