Taobao sex lingerie shop has a buyer show

Taobao sex lingerie shop has a buyer show

With the development of express logistics, more and more people have begun to buy sexy underwear on Taobao.Some consumers are buying whether there are buyer shows in sexy underwear shops.This article will explain the role of buyer show in the purchase of sexy underwear, and discuss why Taobao sex lingerie shop needs to buy a show.

1. What is a buyer show?

The buyer show refers to the buyer after buying the product and uploaded it in the online store for other consumer reference.That is, consumers can share the experience of the purchased product through the actual experience.

2. The role of buyer show

Buyer show is a very important reference factor in the purchase of sexy underwear.First of all, it allows consumers to understand the quality, materials, size, and styles of love underwear; second, the buyer show can reflect the reputation and service of the fun underwear shop.

3. Why do I need a buyer show in sex underwear shops?

There are some situations of fake and shoddy and deceiving consumers in the sexy underwear market, and buyer shows can provide consumers with honest and reliable signals.In addition, there are many types of erotic underwear. Each series has some details that require users to act as actual operation before they can be discovered. Therefore, the buyer show can also better present the product details.Finally, the existence of buyer show can also increase the order comments rate, thereby enhancing the marketing effect of the store.

4. The type of buyer show of sexy underwear shop

The types of buyer show mainly include text reviews, picture reviews, and video reviews.Among them, text reviews are the most common ways to interact with consumers, and picture comments and video reviews are more significant.

5. Advantages of picture comment

Image reviews can presented problems such as product quality, details and materials than text reviews, and are more likely to allow consumers to understand the actual effects and experiences of love underwear.Most consumers tend to choose some sexy underwear shops with picture comments, because picture comments can truly reflect the picture effect of sexy underwear.

6. The benefits of video reviews

Unlike picture reviews, the effect of video reviews on the use of sexy underwear is more intuitive and vivid.Video comment allows consumers to see more details of sexy underwear, understand the wearable situation and the effects of different types of body types, so as to decide whether to buy the sexy underwear.

7. The diversification of the buyer show

In the current sexy underwear sales market, the form of buyer show is constantly improving, and the form of more colorful buyer shows, such as coupons, red envelopes and other forms to attract more consumers to participate in the activities of store activitiesCome in.

8. How to optimize the buyer show?

In order to make the buyer show the greatest effect, the fun underwear shop needs to pay attention to the following points when designing the buyer show:

① Determine the type and content of the buyer show, so that consumers can see the effect of the use of the sex underwear is the primary goal;

② Master the appropriate number of buyer shows, and consumers do not make consumers feel too much information interference;

③ Pay attention to the quality and authenticity of the buyer show, you can set up reward measures to encourage consumers to release high -quality buyer shows;

④ Enhance the marketing effect of the buyer show, such as advertising by directed advertising, let more people solve the affectionate underwear.


Buyer Xiu is an indispensable and important part of sexy underwear shops now.The sexy underwear shop must be good at using buyer shows to promote their brand and increase customer satisfaction and conversion rate in order to be invincible.

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