Super Went

Super Went

Super precious lingerie: How did these prices come?

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is no longer a private item that belongs to the bedroom, and they have been given the attributes of fashion, sexy, and even art.And some brands are no longer limited to the production of ordinary underwear, and have launched hundreds of sexy underwear valued at hundreds of or even thousands of dollars.So, how did the prices of these super -expensive underwear come from?

2. Brand premium

First of all, the brands of these sexy underwear have given huge premiums.Some brands are recognized and expensive by the market because of their special historical, design and manufacturing process, while others have won customers’ love by their own brand image and marketing methods, and sell products at a higher price.

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3. Use materials

Unlike ordinary underwear, the materials used in these ultra -precious sex underwear are also unique, and some are even precious natural fibers or high -tech materials.In addition, their production craftsmanship is also quite complicated, and many designers, handmade craftsmen and experts are required to complete.

4. Handmade

Most of the super -expensive underwear are handmade.Designers and handmade craftsmen spend a lot of time and energy to make every sexy underwear, and the skills and labor costs of these professionals have also led to the high price of the product.

5. Rare degrees

Unlike other products, these super -expensive underwear are not produced on a large scale.The brand may only produce a certain number of products (less than one, as many as dozens), which also makes these products have a high scarcity.Consumers are willing to pay higher prices for this exclusive and unique brand product.

6. Customer needs

Just like any product, the brand has launched high -priced and high -end products according to market demand.Brands may notice the demand for high -end markets, or some people’s needs for sexy underwear. Therefore, specific products have been launched to meet this demand, and prices have also increased accordingly.

7. Capital suppression


Some brands may engage in e -commerce or physical store marketing, earn huge profits and then invest them into higher -priced, higher -quality products.In addition, there are many other external capitals (such as investors, high -value customers, etc.) that may also affect the decision -making and pricing of the enterprise.

8. Cost

In the end, but not the most important thing is the cost of the product.The costs of the production process, materials, and labor of these supercuasled underwear are obvious, but the promotion and market promotion of the product, and even the cost of a brand reasonably evaluated and the cost of the research.Philippines.

in conclusion

Overall, the price of these ultra -expensive underwear is affected by various factors.Although for consumers, the price of these products is obviously high, but there is no doubt that the production costs, professional labor, modeling methods, materials used and other production costs they cover are undoubtedly made the prices of these products a price of these products a price of these products a price of these products.Reasonable, reflecting the cost of its value.