Super big -size female sexy shirt

Super big -size female sexy shirt


In modern society, sexy underwear has become an important way for women to love and pursue sexy.Different from traditional functional underwear, sexy underwear is largely to satisfy desires, to better build sexy atmosphere and enhance interest.As a result, with the pace of Feng’s fashion, erotic underwear has also become a field that has attracted much attention.But for oversized women, their needs are often prohibited.So today, let’s talk about the purchase and precautions of super -size female sexy underwear.

Brand selection

For oversized women, brand choices are very important, because some well -known brand’s sexy underwear may not serve large size customers, and there will be many size limit.Therefore, when choosing a brand, you must pay attention to whether there is a large size for sale, and determine whether there is a sexy lingerie style that is specifically for large -size customers.

Style selection

Exposed – Pure Lace Teddy – 4200

When buying oversized women’s sexy underwear, the style is also very important.Especially for women with more fat on their bodies, different styles have a great impact on the degree of beauty.For example, buying stitching styles of sexy underwear can cleverly cover the body’s fat and create a perfect figure.Buying a jacket -like sexy underwear can allow women to get more changes in dressing, adding charm and mystery.

size selection

When buying oversized women’s sexy underwear, the size is the key.After confirming the brand and style, be sure to determine your size.In the process, in addition to knowing the basic size of your bust and waist circumference, you also need to pay attention to some details, such as the tightness of the shoulder straps and pants, should be appropriately selected in accordance with personal needs.

Fabric selection

The fabric is one of the main materials of sex underwear. For oversized women, special attention may be paid to, because some materials may highlight physical defects.Generally speaking, choosing soft silk, lace and other materials will be more suitable for large size women, because it can better cover the physical defects.

Selection of color

Color is also very important for sexy underwear.When choosing colors in oversized women, they can consider colors such as black, wine red, dark blue, gray, etc., which can hide the imperfect body.Of course, to avoid choosing too gorgeous colors, it may highlight the defects on the body.

Choice of belly underwear

Among the oversized women, many people will affect their sexy degree because of the influence of abdominal fat.Therefore, belly underwear is also a sexy underwear type worthy of purchasing.Unlike ordinary erotic underwear, belly underwear usually has a stronger design, making women feel more confident.


Method of dressing

After buying oversized women’s sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to how to wear it correctly.On the one hand, you need to pay attention to details, such as proper adjustments such as tight shoulder straps and tight pants heads to ensure the comfort of experience.On the other hand, the correct method of dressing is also important. It is recommended to check the instructions or learn some wearing skills before wearing.

Subsequent maintenance

Even if we buy oversized women’s sexy underwear, correct maintenance and cleaning are very important.Pay attention to underwear materials and colors, choose the appropriate cleaning method and cleaning agent.If you don’t pay attention to these problems, you may cause damage to underwear.


In short, before the road to purchase of super -size women’s sexy underwear, we need to fully understand our needs, and then choose the appropriate brand, style, size, fabric and color.And take care of and care for your own sexy underwear in correctly wearing and maintenance, so that you become more confident, charming, and elegant.