Sexy underwear is torn

Sexy underwear is torn

The erotic underwear is torn?Don’t panic!

Interest underwear is an important part of enhancement of fun, but they may also tear due to wearing or washing.If your sexy underwear is torn, don’t panic!Below, we will discuss how to deal with this issue.

1. Calm down first

When you find that the sexy underwear is torn, even a large number of tears appear, don’t panic, this will only make you more anxious.Instead, you should keep calm and think about how to solve it.

2. Check the degree of tearing

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Before you start repairing, it is best to check the degree of torn.If the tearing is too serious, repair may not be easy.If sexy underwear is only slightly damaged, then you can use simple repair methods to solve it.

3. Collect repair materials

In order to repair the tear sexy underwear, you need to prepare some repair materials.The most common repair materials include needle wires, pliers, glue or sewing machines.Make sure you have a complete repair tool so that you can solve the problem more calmly.

4. Repair small tear

For small tear, you can use needle wires to repair.If the tearing place is too obvious, you can use the same lines such as vests with color lines or buttons to repair the tearing site.

5. Repair large tear

If the tornness is very large, you can send the sexy underwear to a professional shop to repair it, or use a sewing machine to repair it.Before using a sewing machine, make sure you have a certain experience, otherwise you may damage sexy underwear.

6. Be careful with attachment materials

If you use glue to repair the tear and the material is attached to the sexy underwear, then you need to be very careful.Avoid glue from penetrating the skin through the material of sexy underwear or cause unnecessary damage to the body.


7. Prevents tearing again

After tearing the sexy underwear, you may want to continue using it, but remember that the tear of sexy underwear may occur again.When using sexy underwear, you need to be careful to avoid tearing as much as possible due to wearing or washing.

8. Keep dry

The material of sexy underwear needs to be kept dry.When it is in a humid environment, sexy underwear is more likely to break.Therefore, when storing sexy underwear, place it in a dry place.

9. Carefully read the maintenance guide on the label

The maintenance guidelines for sex underwear are very important, which can help you better understand how to maintain your sexy underwear.Please make sure you read the guidelines on all labels carefully and operate according to the guide to minimize the risk of rupture as much as possible.

10. Viewpoint

The tear of erotic underwear may make you feel hit, but ensure that calm down and take appropriate measures can reduce the adverse effects of tearing on you.In order to ensure the life of your sexy underwear, you need to operate according to the guide and maintain good maintenance habits.