Sexy underwear is divided into size

Sexy underwear is divided into size

Sexy underwear is divided into size

With the importance of modern women’s emphasis on sex and sex, the demand for sexy underwear has continued to increase.When we are going to buy sexy underwear, it is easy to encounter a problem, that is, the size of the underwear.Is the sexy underwear divided into size?How is the size of the size?In this article, we will answer these questions for you.

1. What is the size of a sexy underwear?

Like ordinary clothing, sexy underwear is also divided into size.Generally speaking, the size of the fun underwear consists of two parts.The size of the top is usually composed of three parts: bust, lower circumference, and cup type.

2. What is the method of determining the size of sexy underwear?

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Because the design and the purpose of the sexy underwear are different from ordinary underwear, you need to pay attention to some details when determining the size of the sexy underwear.We can follow the steps below to determine the size of the sexy underwear:

Step 1: Measure the body measurement

When measuring the bodies, we need to measure according to the type of sexy underwear they purchased.For example, if you buy a bra underwear, you need to measure the bust, lower circumference and cup type.If you buy stockings or conjoined underwear, you need to measure the waist, hip and thigh fence.

Step 2: Determine material and elasticity

Different erotic lingerie materials and elasticity will affect the choice of size.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to refer to the size table on the product details page, and consider whether the underwear is elastic.

Step 3: Reference body type

Each woman’s body type is different, so you need to refer to your own figure when choosing a sexy underwear to choose from.If your body type is full, it is recommended that you choose a slightly larger underwear.

3. Does the choice of size and size affect the effect of sexy underwear?

The choice of size size has a great impact on the effect of sexy underwear.If the underwear is too small, it will cause physical discomfort and poorly wearing effect; if the underwear is too large, it will cause insufficient wrinkles and shaping of the underwear.Therefore, it is important to choose the appropriate size.


4. How to avoid buying inappropriate sexy underwear?

In order to avoid buying inappropriate sexy underwear, in addition to the above steps to choose from the size of size, it can also be:

-Che carefully read the size table on the product details page before buying;

-Take your own body photos for comparison;

-In the case of optional circumstances, choose a merchant with a refund service for purchase.

5. Does the sexy underwear have universal size?

Many women want to know whether the sexy underwear has a common size, so that it can save the trouble of choosing the size.But in fact, sexy underwear does not have a common size, and each brand and type of sexy underwear have their own size specifications.

6. Where is the difference in size?

Even if the sexy underwear of different brands is in the same type, its size specifications are likely to be different.These differences are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

-Dimal accuracy is different;

-The size of the size;

-S size unit is different;

-D size design style is different.

7. How to wear sexy underwear more sexy?

Choosing a suitable size sexy underwear is the basic premise of sexy wear, but wearing appropriate underwear alone is not enough to make us sexy.Here are some wearing skills:

-Che choose the right color, style and material;

-Added with suitable shoes and earrings;

-Degos and posture also need to pay attention.

8. Summary

Interest underwear is the same as ordinary underwear.It is very important to choose the appropriate number of underwear codes. You can determine the size by measuring the body measurement, reference body type, and carefully reading the product details page.In addition, the size of each brand is different and there is no common size.In order to make ourselves more sexy wearing sexy underwear, we also need to match the appropriate accessories and pay attention to our physical condition and posture.

The above is the answer to the size and size of the sexy lingerie. I hope to help female friends who are going to buy sexy underwear.