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Zhou Jieqiong’s sex underwear brand was founded by the famous Hong Kong artist Zhou Huimin and is one of the most well -known sexy underwear in China.The brand admires the concepts of self -confidence, sexy, fashionable and art, and designed a variety of sexy underwear with different styles, exquisite shapes, exquisite and elegant.

Beauty sexy sheet

Zhou Jieqiong’s beauty lingerie’s beauty series design style is fresh and sweet, suitable for those girls who are refreshing and natural, gentle and cute, especially suitable for girls who buy sexy underwear for the first time.This series of underwear is mainly soft and comfortable fabric and simple design. The color is mainly light -colored such as bright powder, purple, and light yellow.

Sexy lingerie

Zhou Jieqiong’s sexy series of sexy series of design styles is amazing and bold, suitable for those who are cheerful, confident and self -reliance.The quality of this series of underwear is soft and comfortable, and it will never make the body feel uncomfortable.The color is mostly black, red, purple and other dark colors, which can highlight the charm of women, and will not cause women to have inexplicable pressure and embarrassment.

Adult sexy underwear

Zhou Jieqiong’s adult series design style is mature and elegant, suitable for those married women or confident single women.The series of underwear is rigorous and flat, and it is sexy while taking into account the solemnity and restraint.The color of the color is mostly white, skin tone, dark green and other warm colors, making women emit a modern and elegant temperament.

European and American sexy underwear

Zhou Jieqiong’s European and American series of design styles are rich in exotic atmosphere and are the most distinctive one in the brand underwear series.This series of underwear design is inspired by the fashion industry in Europe and the United States. It is bright and rich in fabrics. It is integrated into underwear with luxurious, fantasy, and romantic elements to perfectly show women’s charming and sexy.

Suggestion of sexy underwear purchase suggestions

When choosing a brand sex underwear, pay attention to quality and comfort. After all, underwear is directly close and low, and low -quality underwear can easily cause skin allergies.For women who want to buy sexy underwear, you can buy the style that suits you in the Zhou Jieqiong’s sex lingerie series. Do not blindly follow the trend or buy too exposed and inappropriate underwear styles.

Falling underwear wearing skills

When wearing sexy underwear, women should pay attention to the fit of their bodies and underwear.Underwear is too loose or too tight will affect the effect of underwear.In addition, pay attention to matching. When choosing clothing, consider the color and style of the underwear to avoid uncoordinated internal and external matching.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear

The maintenance of sexy underwear needs to be particularly careful. It is best to choose hand washing or using a laundry bag to avoid damage caused by strong friction.The drying of the underwear should also avoid direct sunlight and can be dried in a ventilated place.In addition, do not use too irritating detergents to avoid damage to underwear.

The price range of Zhou Jieqiong’s sexy underwear

The price range of Zhou Jieqiong’s sex underwear is relatively large, with ordinary styles between 200 yuan and 500 yuan, while some limited editions or luxury versions can reach more than 1,000 yuan.

Zhou Jieqiong’s image spokesperson for the image

Zhou Huimin, the first beauty of Zhou Jieqiong’s sex underwear.As a Hong Kong artist who has been 40 years of art, Zhou Huimin is not only an excellent actor, but also a female representative who knows life and taste. Through her own image and words and deeds, it shows the charm and charm and of Zhou Jieqiong’s sexy underwear.quality.

Zhou Jieqiong’s future outlook

With the increase of people’s demand for sexy underwear, Zhou Jieqiong’s sexy underwear, as a well -known domestic sexy underwear brand, still has broad development space in the future market.The brand will continue to be new and innovate, creating a better and more distinctive sexy underwear for women, making women more confident and self -reliance.


Zhou Jieqiong’s sexy underwear has been sought after by more and more women with its superb craftsmanship, excellent quality and unique design.According to market demand, the brand will constantly tap the potential value of underwear and become one of the brands with great potential.