Zhang Tianai wears sexy underwear pictures

Zhang Tianai wears sexy underwear pictures


Zhang Tianai is a well -known actress in China. Because of his lively and cute image, it is loved by the audience.Recently, some netizens broke the news that Zhang Tianai wore sexy underwear in private, which caused heated discussions on social media.Below, let’s take a look at Zhang Tianai’s photos of sexy underwear.

Sexy black lace underwear

This is a black lace underwear suit with sexy charm.Its design is simple and generous, but it is full of surprises in the details.The short top outlines Zhang Tian’ai’s beautiful figure, while the pants use a slim waist design, which even highlights her curve beauty.

Sexy perspective underwear

This set of sexy perspective underwear is very visual impact.The red lace and the black mesh are matched, making Zhang Tianai look more enchanting and moving.The mesh above also has a flower pattern, which is very delicate.

Sweet pink underwear

This pink underwear creates a very sweet atmosphere.The top uses a lace design with a little off -shoulder feeling, which is very sexy.The short skirt below is very cute, as shy as a girl.

Bow decorative underwear

This set of underwear is very simple, but it has a cute atmosphere that makes people irrelevant.There are two small bows on the pink lace jacket, which is very playful.The pants below use the splicing design of lace and mesh, and the entire set of underwear reveals a innocent feeling.

Deep V underwear

Deep V’s design makes this set of underwear more sexy.Black lace and red flower patterns are contrasting with each other, creating an extremely sexy atmosphere.At the same time, this underwear skirt also visually extended Zhang Tianai’s leg lines.

Sweetly white underwear

This white underwear gives people a very romantic feeling.The design of the top is simple, but it has a very elegant temperament.The following mesh short skirt created a romantic atmosphere, which highlighted Zhang Tianai’s exquisite beauty.

Cool denim underwear

This underwear is designed with denim, full of British style.The streamlined design of the top is very suitable for Zhang Tianai’s figure, creating a unique sexy charm.The shorts below echo the top to make the whole underwear more coordinated.

Noble red underwear

The power of red cannot be underestimated. This red lace underwear is full of honor.The design of the top is very simple, but it makes people feel elegant.The small skirt below uses a perspective design to add sexy elements.

Curve tight underwear

This tight underwear is Zhang Tianai’s personal collection, which makes people have to marvel at her good figure.The tight design of the curve makes the body line more prominent, and at the same time, a variety of details are used to increase the hardness of the underwear.


Zhang Tianai wears these sexy underwear literary and sexy, each with its own characteristics.Whether it is sexy black lace underwear or sweet pink underwear, Zhang Tianai’s personal style is created.Although sexy underwear is private clothes, if women want to show their charm, they must increase their understanding of sexy underwear.