You need to shave in sexy underwear

You need to shave in sexy underwear

When wearing sex underwear, annoying hair always interferes with women, allowing them to feel uncomfortable and affect sexy effects.Therefore, wearing sex underwear requires shaving, the following is a detailed explanation.

1. Shavering can better fit underwear

When wearing a sexy underwear, if there are too many hair, the friction between the underwear and the skin will increase, and it will cause discomfort when activity or walking.At this time, the friction can be effectively reduced by shaving, so that the underwear can better fit the skin.

2. Shavering can show a more sexy body

Female shaving not only makes underwear stickers better, but also shows a more sexy figure, making women more attractive and tempting when wearing sexy underwear.

3. Shavering to avoid injury in sensitive areas

When wearing sex underwear, some sensitive areas are easily torn or shifted, and shaving can effectively avoid this situation, making women more assured and comfortable when wearing sexy underwear.

4. Avoid zero hair

When wearing sexy underwear, too many hair will spread in all parts of the body, giving a sense of unhygienic, and shaving can avoid this situation and make people feel more refreshing.

5. Shavering can prevent infection from spreading

Too many hair will reduce the range of the respiratory system in the private parts, so that bacteria will breed in this place faster, and shaving can avoid this situation, reduce the breeding of bacteria, and promote the health of private parts.

6. Choose suitable shaving appliances

If you want to shave a better effect, you must choose the right shaving appliance, such as scraper, shaver and beeswax.It is very important to choose the appropriate shaving appliance during daily care.

7. There must be a correct posture for shaving

When shaving, you must have the right posture.For beginners, you should choose a shorter length to keep your body stable and comfortable, and keep the head slightly lifted to reduce damage and pain.

8. Be prepared before shaving

Before shaving, you need to prepare. For example, keep the private parts dry and clean. Do not start shaving immediately after taking a bath. You need to wait until the body is interlaced for a while before starting to avoid the skin from being harmed.At the same time, you can also apply some shaved moisturizing creams to reduce pain before shaving.

9. Pay attention to care after shaving

After shaving, you must pay attention to care, keep the private parts clean and dry, and use some moisturizing cream to slowly restore the health of the skin.

10. Summary view

Shavering when wearing erotic underwear can make people more comfortable and confident.Although the process of shaving may have some pain or discomfort, reducing pain and sticking to shaving are the key to making people more beautiful and attractive.

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