Yang Mi wears a fun sheet


Interest underwear is a clothing that can increase sex and sexy.In recent years, more and more women have begun to like to wear sexy underwear.Even stars like Yang Mi are no exception.This article will introduce Yang Mi’s scenes of wearing sexy underwear.


Yang Mi is a well -known actress and singer in Mainland China. He has received extensive recognition and praise for his role in the TV series "Swordsman Legend 3".

Yang Mi wearing a fun underwear scene

Yang Mi appeared in her TV series "Fuyao" in a very sexy sexy underwear.She plays a character called Feng Jiu, a ruthless female assassin.In the play, she wore a black lace sexy underwear, showing her beautiful and mysterious temptation in the eyes of the audience.

Interest underwear and figure

Sex underwear can be displayed and highlights the advantages of the figure.For women like Yang Mi, sexy underwear has increased her sexy charm.For some unconfident women, good interest underwear can also make them more confident and show their beauty.

The mystery of black color sex lingerie

In this set of sexy underwear, black is the main color.Black gives people a mystery, and the lace material increases its sexy.In Yang Mi’s body, this mystery and sexy are more doubled.

Family underwear focuses on texture

The design of this set of sexy underwear focuses on the texture, and the material of lace is a good choice.It is very soft and comfortable when it feels.This is very important for women who wear fun underwear, and this is one of the details they need to pay attention to.

Falling underwear exposure

For a star, choosing a sex underwear when choosing to appear in a TV series is a brave and explicit choice.But because of this, this approach is more likely to attract the attention and discussion of the audience.Yang Mi appeared in the scene of the sexy underwear in TV series, causing various topics and comments.

Selection of sex underwear

Sexy underwear is a special type that is not comparable to other Clothing.It requires you to be particularly careful when choosing, especially models and sizes.Falling underwear confirming the size is very important. A sexy underwear that is not suitable for your body will not bring the best results.

Sexy and self -confidence

The design and use of sexy underwear to increase sex and self -confidence, so that everyone feels that they are the most beautiful.After watching the scene of Yang Mi wearing a fun underwear, it is not difficult to see that it can do this.Interest underwear has become part of the female fashion industry, and it is a sexy and fashionable choice.

in conclusion

Yang Mi is a very brave choice to wear fun underwear.When she appeared in a TV series, her scenes of sexy underwear were eye -catching.Interest underwear is suitable for various types of women, and stimulates their sexy and self -confidence.Although these clothes are hidden, it is your confident secret weapon.Buy a sexy underwear that is suitable for you to make yourself more beautiful, confident and sexy.

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