Wuhan Sexy Underwear Factory Recruitment

Wuhan Sexy Underwear Factory Recruitment

Wuhan is an economically developed city and an important base in the sex underwear industry.Today, Wuhan Foin Underwear Factory is recruiting new employees to bring new development opportunities to your career.

Work responsibility

As an employee of a sexy underwear factory, you will need to fulfill the following responsibilities:

Design and manufacture new sexy underwear products according to customer requirements, including beauty sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult sexy underwear, European and American sex lingerie and other styles;

Make quality inspection according to quality requirements to ensure that each product meets the standard;

Participate in market research and analysis, understand industry trends and development dynamics, and give new market conditions to corporate leaders in time;

Maintain a good customer relationship and provide high -quality after -sales service to obtain more customers and word of mouth for enterprises;

Collaborate and communicate with team members to improve the overall work efficiency and quality of the team.

job requirements

In order to meet the work needs of the sexy underwear factory, we need candidates to have the following requirements:

Have a certain experience of sexy underwear design and production;

Familiar with market conditions and understand the development trend of the affection underwear industry;

Have a strong awareness and communication ability of teamwork;

Work seriously and responsible, pay attention to details and quality;

With a certain English spoken language and writing ability, it can communicate with foreign customers.


The sexy underwear factory will provide you with competitive salary, including basic wages, year -end prizes, performance bonuses, social security and other benefits.At the same time, we will also provide you with broad career development space and promotion opportunities.

working environment

The sex underwear factory has a modern office environment and high -end production line equipment to ensure that you work in a comfortable working environment.At the same time, we strictly abide by the national production safety standards to ensure the health and safety of employees.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is as follows:

Submit your resume;

First screen for resume;



How to submit your resume

The resume can be delivered by mail or fax, and the company will arrange an interview as soon as possible and contact you.Mail address: xxx; Fax number: xxx.

in conclusion

If you have a strong interest in the design and production of sexy underwear, this is a very good opportunity, which is worth catching.We hope that through this recruitment, we will find talented, passionate, and responsible outstanding talents to help the development of the enterprise.

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