Women’s erotic lingerie opening video

Women’s erotic lingerie opening video

The sexy, gender, and charming sexy underwear has always been popular in the women’s consumer market in recent years.Open underwear is a special type of sexy underwear, which is more prominent in sexy.This article will introduce the basic types and characteristics of the opening underwear through the video opening video of women’s sexy underwear, and help you choose the style that suits you.

Paragraph: Getting Started on the underwear

The main feature of an open underwear is that the fabric has a certain gap in the lower body.This cloth is called Crottchless.Opening underwear is often used as a sexy underwear, but some brands have applied the opening elements to a variety of underwear.Compared with ordinary underwear, the advantage of opening underwear is that it can better show a female sexy, mysterious and tempting side.

Section 2: Types of opening underwear

At present, there are many colors and styles on the opening underwear on the market. The main categories are as follows:

1. G-String or G series: Pure properties, only ropes or fine cloth belts cover the lower body.

2. Crotchless series: The lower part of the entire underwear is opened.

3. Peek-A-Boo series: Small mouths are left in the lower part of the underwear, which is the most similar to ordinary underwear.

4. Split-Crotch series: The lower part of the underwear is separated, but there is a certain connection.

3rd paragraph: Choose suitable opening underwear

Selecting multiple factors for opening underwear that suits you.For example, pay attention to the size and comfort of the opening part.If the opening part is too small, it will make your skin feel restrained, and too large will make you embarrassed in the operation.When choosing, we must carefully observe whether the opening part is scratched or misplaced.

Fourth paragraph: size of open underwear

The size of the open underwear is usually the same as that of ordinary underwear, but some brands may have size standards different from ordinary underwear.Therefore, when you are elected to buy a gear underwear, please read the product description and size standards carefully to ensure that the appropriate size is purchased.

Fifth paragraph: suitable for open underwear on different occasions

Open underwear is suitable for multiple occasions, especially sexual parties, husband and wife life and special dating.At the same time, transparent opening underwear is more suitable for wearing a low -necked sweater or a deep V -neck top; the wide -side or lace -made underwear is more suitable for wearing high -waisted short skirts or high -waisted cropped pants.

Section 6: How to maintain opening underwear

The maintenance methods of different open -stall underwear are also different.At the same time, we must also pay attention to the maintenance of the clothes and the maintenance of the color part.In most cases, wash with hand and cold water is more proper.Avoid using washing machines and high -temperature dryers to clean underwear.

Seventh paragraph: the quality of open underwear

Many different quality levels exist in the sexy underwear market.Therefore, when buying, be sure to find those trustworthy brands and high -quality opening underwear.The pursuit of ultimate quality and design underwear brands also pay more attention to details, such as steel -free design and comfortable materials.

Eighth Paragraph: Brand Recommendation

Many brands on the market can provide high -quality, sexy and charming opening underwear.Calvin Klein, Hanky Panky and La Perla are more famous brands.These brands all provide various colors and styles of opening underwear, giving you a variety of choices.

in conclusion:

In the fashion and women’s consumer market, the sexy underwear as a special style as a special style has gradually become popular.Different types and styles of opening underwear can meet different needs.However, when choosing and buying, it is necessary to be more cautious due to size and quality problems.

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