Wife doesn’t feel like wearing fun underwear


Recently, my wife and I tried to wear sexy underwear, but she said that there was no feeling, which made me feel a little troublesome.I don’t know where the problem is, so I want to ask a sexy underwear expert to analyze the situation and solution.

Understand the material of love underwear

First of all, the material of sexy underwear is very important.If it is a low -quality fabric, not only is it not comfortable, but it may also stimulate the skin.Therefore, we need to choose a soft, comfortable, and good texture underwear.

Choose a model suitable for body figure

Another factors that need to be considered are models.Different models of people with different bodies are different.If the model of erotic underwear is not suitable, it will weaken its sexy effect and mislead the senses of both parties.

Understand the difference between color and style

In addition to materials and models, color and style are also important factor.In terms of color, the body color is matched with it to achieve sexy and beautiful effects.In terms of style, different styles can reflect different temperament and personality.

Choose the right occasion

Sex underwear is usually used in romantic and sexual scenes.Therefore, we need to choose a suitable time and occasion to make it part of the unique sexy experience of sexy underwear, so as to achieve the purpose of satisfying interest and personality attempts.

Consideration of gender differences

People of different gender have different needs and preferences on sexy underwear.For women, it is very important to disclose sexy and enhance the attractiveness of the body. For men, it will be more important to attract the temperament of women itself.

The concept of sexy sex

To show its sexy charm, sexy underwear also requires both parties to be inspired.Establishing a good interaction will enhance the perception of the body of the body in some cases, thereby effectively improving the sexy effects of sexy underwear.

Draw inspiration

Find a sexy underwear that is suitable for you and the husband and wife, and has its own creativity. This is the best sexy underwear.Some small details in life can sometimes stimulate our thinking and become a new golden idea in our design creativity.

Respect the other party’s choice

Everyone’s preference is different, and respect for each other’s choice and preferences is very important.When choosing sexy underwear, the two parties need to communicate, understand the expectations and needs of the other party, and respect each other’s opinions on design and selection.

Summary and view

When choosing and wearing sexy underwear, multiple factors must be considered, including materials, models, colors, styles, occasions, and the needs of both parties.If you can choose and use sexy underwear correctly, you can bring a better sexual experience.Respecting each other’s choice and opinions is the key to harmony and mutual respect in sexual experience.

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