Why is there no advertisement in sex underwear

Interest underwear: a combination of fashion and sexy

Interest underwear is a clothing that combines fashion and sexy, which has attracted the attention of many people with its special design and materials.They are not only suitable for private or romantic occasions, but also for fashion party or stage performances.Although sexy underwear has been in the market for some time, it has not received any advertisements. So why is there no advertisement for sexy underwear?

The nature of the sexy underwear industry

First of all, we need to understand the nature of the love underwear industry.This is a relatively small market. In order to maintain its uniqueness and scarcity, some sexy underwear brands choose not to advertise.Especially in some countries or regions, sexy underwear is still considered to be a more conservative and private field.

Word of mouth

Interesting underwear brands rely on word of word of word of mouth.With the popularization of social media and the Internet, the comments and photos shared by consumers on the Internet make the spread between ideas, brands and products more widely and faster.Therefore, some fun underwear brands choose invisible word -of -mouth marketing, which has a closer connection with consumers.

Power of social media

Interest underwear brands are more inclined to use social media to spread their products.These brands will cooperate with a large number of social media websites to obtain more exposure and traffic.

Change of consumer groups

Secondly, markets and consumer groups are also changing.More and more young people’s attitude towards fashion and freedom has promoted the popularity and recognition of sexy underwear in this group.This also prompts the sexy underwear brand to use some relaxed, happy and humorous advertising methods to attract their attention to obtain better brand recognition.

Regulations and regulations

In some countries and regions, sexy underwear advertisements will face moral constraints.Some places do not make specific regulations on sexy underwear advertisements.However, the morality and cultural norms of some countries and groups are conservative, and the advertising of sexy underwear is controlled, making it impossible for sex underwear brands to conduct advertising activities.

Consider privacy

Unlike traditional clothing advertisements, sexy underwear involves more private areas.People tend to buy sexy underwear privately at home. Entering physical stores and trying sexy underwear has become a lot of challenges.This is also one of the reasons why the sex underwear brand is unwilling to advertise in a large range.

Effect of sexy underwear advertisement

Due to the limited market and consumer groups of sexy underwear, the investment and effect of sex underwear brands in advertising are not as good as traditional clothing brands.Therefore, the brand pays more attention to the purchase experience and word -of -mouth publicity of a single consumer.

Create of brand awareness

Interesting underwear brands pay more attention to the creation of brand awareness and atmosphere. With the widespread popularization of social media and the continuous updating of digital marketing technology, brand standards and images can be continuously evolved through traditional advertising methods.


In summary, there are many reasons for not too much advertising underwear, including the nature of the market, the role of word of mouth, the power of social media, the transformation of consumer groups, regulations and regulations, the consideration of privacy, the effect of advertising and brand awarenessFresh and so on.Regardless of strategy, laws, or market nature, sexy underwear is the best choice in the unfamiliar and embarrassing environment.

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