Why is the hotel not interesting jelly

Why is there no interesting underwear in the hotel?

I believe that many people have lived in hotels. Whether it is business business trips or travel vacations, choosing a hotel has become part of people’s lives.However, no matter what type of hotels, they rarely see their sexy lingerie services.why?Let’s reveal this mystery.

Doubt about popular service

The service target of the hotel is the mass group. For customers of different ages, gender, and cultural backgrounds, hotels must maintain a fair, fair and open attitude and cannot favor a certain group.However, sexy and teasing clothing such as sexy underwear can easily be regarded as a series of negative evaluations such as excessive exposure and not suitable for the public. This is one of the reasons why hotels choose not to provide sex underwear services.

Legal issues involved

Due to the privacy such as interest and sex, the country and localities have introduced a large number of regulations and regulations to strengthen supervision of the sexual products industry.This includes the problem of whether the hotel provides a legal underwear service and whether it has business qualifications.If the hotel does not have relevant licenses and qualifications, it is likely to violate the law and bear the corresponding legal responsibilities.

There is a small demand

Compared to other hotel services, the demand for sex underwear is not very large.Most customers are traveling or traveling out. These customers need safe, comfortable, clean, and convenient services, rather than luxury products such as sexy underwear.Therefore, hotels do not have sex underwear and will not have much impact on their customer satisfaction.

Conflicts of different cultural traditions

Chinese people have always been conservatively conceptual for the topic of sex. Although more and more people have begun to accept and buy sexy underwear with the development of the times and the changes in concepts, they still cannot deny that the impact of this kind of clothing on traditional culture isobviously.For some people, sexy underwear may be regarded as a behavior of losing moral bottom line. As a service agency, hotels must also take into account their own image and status.

Is not conducive to the creation of hotel brand image

The brand image of the hotel is their core competitiveness.Although sexy underwear can bring benefits to a certain extent, it is difficult to bring a good brand image, but it may have a negative impact on the image of the hotel.Some high -end hotels generally do not provide sexy underwear services, because it is inconsistent with the elegant, elegant, and high -quality image they pursue.

Private issues

When providing services in the hotel, it is necessary to keep it in confidentiality for customers. Protecting the privacy of customers is an indispensable principle of hotels.If the hotel provides customers with sex underwear services, this will not only conflict with the concept of public morality, but also infringe on the privacy of customers. The hotel is unwilling to bear this risk.

Cost issue

Sex underwear services require a certain cost.Hotels need to buy, store, clean, replace sex underwear, etc. This will not only increase the management cost of the hotel, but also easily bring hygienic and clean problems to the hotel.In addition, sexy underwear is generally used at a time, which also increases cost to a certain extent.

Different hotel types

Although most hotels choose not to provide sexy underwear services, not all hotels are the same.Different types of hotels of different types and levels will have different service items. Some rising mood chain hotels, the main fashion and trendy homestays, etc., may add sexy underwear, pornographic souvenirs to the service to increase the customer’s experience and sense of experience and the sense of experience and the sense of experience and the sense of experience and the sense of experience andSatisfaction.

The future development direction of the hotel

At present, hotel services are not limited to providing basic functions such as accommodation, catering, and conferences. It is also moving towards the goal of comprehensive, diversified and high value.In the future, more hotels may begin to provide sexy lingerie services, but they must balance the needs and interests in all aspects, and try to avoid risks and influence.

in conclusion

In summary, why the hotel has no sexy underwear, mainly to avoid legal issues, maintaining brand image, and ensuring customer privacy, and because sex lingerie is not a service that all customers need.In the future, hotel services will become more and more diversified, but for sexy lingerie services, hotels should be carefully considered after balanced relationships.

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