Why is sex underwear open crotch

1. The Origin of the Open Crotrans of Instead

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear has gone through a long development process since its appearance.Its creative inspiration comes from sexual performance and temptation.The open crotch design is the manifestation of this temptation.

2. Sexy factors for open crotch design

The open crotch design is a symbol of sexy, which makes women more confident and attractive when wearing sexy underwear.The particularity of the open crotch design makes women more convenient to use the bathroom and other conditions, which can increase the practicality and fun of sexy underwear in the life of husband and wife.

3. The comfort of the open crotch design

Open crotch erotic underwear provides women with a more comfortable dress experience because it does not limit women’s actions in private washing or using bathrooms.The design of the open crotch is more suitable for daily wear, and does not cause compression or discomfort to the body.

4. The diversity of open crotch design

There are many different forms of the open crotch design of the sexy underwear, such as the front open crotch, the rear open crotch, the double open crotch, etc., you can choose according to different needs and preferences.At the same time, some styles have two designs: open crotch and non -open crotch, so that women can choose easily when needed.

5. The material selection of the open crotch design

The material of open crotch sex lingerie is also very diverse, such as silk, lace, imitation leather, cotton, etc., while satisfying sexy and tempting, it also gives people a comfortable texture.Choosing the material that suits you is also an important consideration for choosing open crotch sex underwear.

6. Applicable occasions for open crotch design

Open crotch love underwear is suitable for various occasions, such as romantic nights between couples, acting performances, flirting during sex, and some daily needs.Its diversity and practicality make sexy underwear a necessary fashion choice for modern women.

7. Size selection of open crotch design

It is very important to choose the right size. When buying, you must not only pay attention to the matching of the size and figure, but also consider whether the design of the open crotch part is suitable for your needs.Excessive or small size is not only uncomfortable, but also affects the sexy effect of the open crotch design.

8. The maintenance of open crotch sex lingerie

The maintenance of open crotch sex lingerie is also very important.Generally speaking, it is necessary to use warm water handwashing to avoid using overheated water or chemical cleaning agents and properly dry.In addition, you need to replace underwear regularly to keep the underwear clean and comfort.

9. Precautions for hidden safety hazards

Although the open crotch design can better meet the needs of women, you need to pay attention to some safety hazards when using.For example, pay attention to choosing a size suitable for you to avoid excessive underwear or inconvenient activities; in the process of use, you need to keep clean and hygienic problems and avoid infection.

10. Viewpoint

The open crotch design of sexy underwear is to meet the needs and desires of women. It has both sexy temptations and practical functions.Choose the open crotch sex underwear that is suitable for you, and follow the correct use and maintenance methods to experience the fun and enjoyment it brings to life.

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