Why don’t you show your face?

Why does the sexy underwear model hide the face?

When you buy sexy underwear, you often see models wearing beautiful and sexy sexy underwear.But have you ever wondered why sexy underwear models always hide their faces?This article will reveal the reasons why the sexy underwear model is not revealed.

privacy protection

A well -known fact is that the sales of sexy underwear are mainly for adults and couples.The target group of sexy underwear models is also adults and couples.Therefore, it is not uncommon to hide their faces in order to protect their privacy.

Promoting product characteristics

By hiding the face of sexy underwear models, the audience’s attention will be concentrated in the underwear itself.This can make the key features of sexy underwear more prominent, such as design, fabric and tailoring.

Reduce discrimination and stigma

Women often face various discrimination and stigma, especially in sensitive areas such as sexy underwear.Hide the face of sexy underwear models can reduce negative evaluation of models and avoid social discrimination and stigma.

Prevent acquaintances to identify

In some cases, a sexy underwear model may know some people who will appear in advertising or magazines.In order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment, hiding the face has become the choice of sexy underwear models.

Attribute the attention of the audience

The task of sexy underwear models is to attract the audience’s attention to underwear, not the model itself.Hidden face will make sexy underwear models more mysterious and charming, further attracting customers into the world of sexy underwear.

In line with some cultural traditions

In some cultures, women hide their faces in public in public or appear in public.This tradition will also be considered when choosing a sexy underwear model.

Different from other models

The sexy underwear model does not show their faces, which can make them separate from other models.This difference helps sex underwear models to build their own special image and improve the brand recognition.

Maintain mystery

Interest underwear is a mysterious and attractive field.Hidden models’ faces will increase the mystery in the field of sexy underwear and attract more consumers into this field.


Throughout the sexy underwear brand, the same style needs to be used in advertising and marketing activities.Hide the face of sexy underwear models to help ensure the visual consistency of advertising and marketing activities.

in conclusion

In general, the hiding of the sexy underwear model to hide its face is a choice for various reasons.This approach can protect the privacy of the model, the characteristics of high bright underwear, reduce discrimination and stigma, prevent acquaintances from identifying, attract audiences’ attention, in line with some cultural traditions, establish a unique brand image, maintain mystery and visual consistent consistent consistency of visual consistencySex, these are excellent strategies adopted by many erotic underwear brands.

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