Who is the earliest sexy underwear model

Who is the earliest sexy underwear model


Interest underwear is a special clothing designed to enhance sexual experience, which is very popular because of its unique sexy and charm.Many people will ask about the ins and outs of sexy underwear before buying. So who is the earliest sexy underwear model?Let’s explore it below.

The history of sexy underwear

In fact, sexy underwear has a long history. As early as the ancient Roman era, some people used sexy clothes to enhance the sexual experience.However, the real popular Angelica of sexy underwear is due to a artist in Germany in the early 20th century -Rosmary Claus.

Rosmary Claus

Claus designed a sexy and charm in 1911, which is a real sex prototype.She named the underwear "Roselset", which means "rose’s gauze". Through transparent lace and soft texture, the wearer is more tempting.

The first sex underwear model

With the advent of "Roselste", Claus began to need a model to show the charm of this underwear, so she found her friend Eda Mary Camp.Camp is very suitable for this role. She is a sexy and confident woman, so that every woman wearing a "Roselste" underwear sees her potential.

The innovation of Rosmary and Aida

The combination of Claus and Camp quickly attracted everyone’s attention. They began to push this underwear to the market and make it a new fashion trend.Rosmary has designed a variety of different styles of sexy underwear, and Camp even shows the unique sexy of these underwear in various ways.

The development of sexy underwear in the fashion industry

In the 1940s, fashion designers began to integrate transparent lace and sexy texture into more comfortable underwear, making it more suitable for daily wear.This also promotes the development of sexy underwear in the fashion industry.In the 1970s, sex underwear began to spread widely between different subcultures.

Types of sex underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear, with various materials and styles.Among them, the most common is hoods, bellybands, sexy underwear, and even bodyy underwear. Each underwear has its own unique charm.

Selection skills of sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, you need to consider many factors such as your body shape, height, skin color and personality.To choose the material and style that suits you, it is best to try it on before buying to better evaluate its comfort and aesthetics.

Sex underwear matching

Interest underwear can be matched with various jackets and shoes. It can be paired with long coats or skirts, or wearing it directly on special occasions to show his sexy and self -confidence.

in conclusion

From the initial "Roselste" underwear to today’s various sexy underwear, it is undoubtedly a twists and turns.Today, sexy underwear has become a must -have for many people to add sexual interest. If you haven’t tried it, you may wish to try it.

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