Which brand of sexy underwear to buy is good

Choose the brand well, and the sexy underwear is easy to match

As a relatively private clothing, sexy underwear requires high -quality materials and designs to ensure comfort and penetration.However, there are many sexy underwear brands in the market. How do consumers choose the brand that suits them best?This article will introduce you to some trusted sexy underwear brands in order to better match your erotic clothing.

Victoria ’s Secret

As a well -known brand, Victori also performed well in the field of sexy underwear.The brand’s sexy underwear options are very rich. From vest to suit, from black to bright colors, everyone can find their favorite styles.

La Perla

La Perla is a delicate and luxurious sexy underwear brand, with hardcore fans worldwide.The brand not only focuses on the comfort and texture of underwear materials, but also pays attention to the appearance design and sexuality of sexy underwear, so that women can also feel the unique charm when wearing.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a sexy underwear brand with self -rebellion, sexy, and playful attributes. It respects "sexy is like the inner secretions, which can flow and emit out."The brand’s sexy underwear is full of artistic atmosphere and imagination. It is believed that it can meet women’s needs for sexy underwear.


Bordelle is a sexy underwear brand that focuses on retro style. It uses high -quality fabrics and handmade tailoring. It has designed a variety of unique sexy underwear.If you prefer retro style, then Bordelle is undoubtedly a brand you must try.


Bluebella is a brand with artistic aesthetics. Its products have won the love of consumers with simple and generous fashion styling and comfortable texture.In addition, the brand’s sexy underwear has also transformed a faint fantasy atmosphere, which makes people experience a hint of fantasy charm while experiencing comfort.

Frederick ’s of Hollywood

Frederick ’s of Hollywood is a brand that integrates sexy and creative sexy underwear.The brand’s interesting underwear is characterized by more prominent styling and tailoring. It is designed with a personalized style presentation. The presentation of more details in the "trick", strengthening the most sexy parts, showing the perfection of sexy and charm, the perfectness of sexy and charmCombine.

Coco de MER

Coco de MER is a brand focusing on consumers that bring confidence and intoxication. The sexy underwear launched should show both unique charm and the physical form of women, so that they can release beauty and confidence by dressing.

Rosie for Autograph

Rosie for Autograph is a famous model Reisley Hop’s sexy underwear brand. Its sex lingerie series is mainly fashionable and playful.The brand pays attention to details. The fun underwear launched is not only simple and elegant, but also retro and romantic, showing the elegant and leisure side of women.

Mapalé by Espiral

Mapalé by Espiral is a sexy and stylish sexy underwear brand, focusing on fashion design and comfort.Some bright and creative styles are also one of their characteristics, which is very suitable for young people.


In summary, the brand diverse, colorful Coco de MER, and Bordelle, which is different, has a more famous sexy underwear brand with rebellion, sexy, playful attributes. Consumers can based on themselvesSelect the requirements.The most important thing is to choose a brand and suitable style that is suitable for you, so as to get the best results in the process of dressing.

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