Where to get the goods in Zhengzhou sexy underwear shop

Where to get the goods in Zhengzhou sexy underwear shop

If you want to enter the sexy underwear market, or you need to expand the supply of your couple shop, then you need a stable sexy underwear supplier.Below, we will introduce where to get the goods in Zhengzhou’s sexy underwear shop.

1. Online wholesale platform

There are many online wholesale platforms on the market, such as Alibaba, Taobao, JD.com and so on.Through these platforms, you can contact a lot of sexy underwear manufacturers, and the supply is very rich.

2. Dealer/agent

If you have enough connection resources and connections, it is not impossible to find some large dealers and agents in Zhengzhou City.They will have huge underwear sales channels and supply channels, but the purchase price will be high.

3. Luoyang sex lingerie wholesale market

The Luoyang Funwear Wholesale Market is located on Huanghe West Road, West District, Luoyang City. The total area is 5,000 square meters.It takes about two hours to drive from Zhengzhou Center, and you can also choose to ship the delivery.

4. Puyang Interesting Underwear Wholesale Market

Puyang Interesting Underwear Wholesale Market is located in Zhitian Road, Liyang City, Zhengzhou City. The scale is relatively small, but there are relatively large varieties and cheaper prices.In addition, Puyang City is closer to Zhengzhou City, and it takes 40 minutes by about 40 minutes.

5. Social software platform

Social software platforms, such as WeChat, Momo, QQ, etc., there are many sexy underwear manufacturers and shippers on these platforms. You can build a more stable business relationship by buying their products to build a more stable business relationship.

6. Professional sexy underwear wholesale market

In addition to the Luoyang sex underwear wholesale market and the Puyang sex lingerie wholesale market, there are also some professional erotic underwear wholesale markets, such as Zhengzhou Chenzhai’s sex underwear wholesale market. These wholesale markets will have complete categories and diverse varieties.

7. Questy underwear manufacturer direct sales

If you need a lot of purchase, you can contact some sexy underwear manufacturers to directly sell directly for manufacturers. The price will be more advantageous, but you need to pay attention to the quality of the goods.

8. Cross -border e -commerce platform

Cross -border e -commerce platforms are now very popular, such as Amazon, Wish, and so on.You can find foreign trade sexy underwear manufacturers through these platforms, purchase, cheap and supply.

9. Sexy underwear offline market

If you want to see and touch underwear in person, then you can go to some sex lingerie offline markets, such as Sephora, Le Bee.com, etc.However, it should be noted that these markets will be more expensive.

10. With contact resources

The last way is to rely on human network resources.Those who submitted the underwear industry in the business district and well -known occasions, the number of personal connections and customers will be rapidly improved.To make full use of human network resources, some high -quality sexy underwear sellers will always be found.

In summary, the above is the legal way where Zhengzhou’s sexy underwear shop is taken, and you can choose according to your actual situation and needs.

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