Where is your sexy underwear in English

Where is your sexy underwear


Sexy underwear is a sexy clothing that can be comfortably wrapped in the body and adds special designs to the key parts to increase sexy and charm.But do you know that the correct placement and preservation of sexy underwear can extend their service life while maintaining its original beauty and sexy.

cleaning method

There are some matters that need attention to the washing method of sexy underwear.First, hand washing is the best choice.Do not wash in the washing machine because they may cause damage to sexy underwear.Second, use mild detergent and cold water.Finally, avoid using bleach, which may destroy the material of sexy underwear.


When using sexy underwear, a little careful can avoid damage to it due to stress or other external factors.When placing sexy underwear, it is best to use a dedicated method to keep it properly.For example, storage with pants bags can also hang sexy underwear on the hanger to avoid placing directly to the sun, thereby extending its service life.

Commonly used sexy underwear types

There are many different types of erotic underwear, including lace, silk, transparent, and net eye.You can choose the sexy lingerie style that suits you best according to your personal preference.For different occasions, you can also try different styles, such as a black sexy suite, which can make you the focus of everyone at a party.

Interests of underwear and body shape

You can choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to your personal body shape and body.For example, if your body is full, you can choose a sexy underwear with lining and enhancement, so that you can make you look more sexy and charm.

Buy sexy underwear

It also requires some skills to buy sex underwear.You can choose the color, style and size that suits you.You can first understand the brand’s word of mouth and quality before buying, which can help you make a better decision.You can buy sexy underwear from online or offline sex products merchants.

Sex lingerie gift

Interest underwear is also a good gift for others.But before giving gifts, it is best to understand the other party’s preferences and figure, so that you can buy the most suitable sexy underwear for the other party.

Maintenance method of adult supplies

It is also very important to maintain adults and can extend the service life.The maintenance method of adult supplies is similar to sexy underwear.Mild detergent and cold water need to be used during cleaning to ensure that it is dry and placed in a dry and ventilated place.


Correct preservation and maintenance can make your sexy underwear more beautiful and sexy.According to personal preference, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can make you more confident and attractive.When buying sexy underwear, you can first understand the relevant information so that you can make a better decision.

in conclusion

People can buy sexy underwear suitable for their own needs.Correct use and maintenance can extend the life of sexy underwear and maintain its original beauty and sexy.At the same time, more sexy underwear information and experience can be shared and discussed.

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