Where is the sexy underwear hair out

Where is the sexy underwear hair out

The demand for sex underwear has increased year by year, and the market has shown an increasing trend.However, for personal enterprises or small clothing merchants, production of sexy underwear is a delicate and time -consuming job.Therefore, many merchants choose to outsourcing the production to focus on sales and marketing.This article will be based on first -hand data to share important clues of sexy underwear.

1. Taobao shop wholesale

Taobao shop is a commonly used erotic underwear.On the Taobao platform, many merchants are willing to sell sexy underwear in batches.These sexy underwear is not only transparent, but also highly diverse. A set of underwear from head to toe can be purchased at one time.At the same time, the evaluation system on Taobao is available for reference, so that merchants can choose the types of underwear they need in good reputable stores.

2. Platform outsourcing

Independent platform outsourcing is a more traditional way. You can find reliable manufacturers and manufacturers outsourcing their own sexy underwear projects.Although this method is long, the initial investment is relatively small and the risk is low. Merchants can better control the quality and quality control of underwear.

3. Improvement of single -generation processing

Processing is an external method that many small clothing companies like to adopt.Merchants first purchase detailed drawings and product requirements provided by manufacturers, and copy and process according to the formulated standards.The advantage of this method is that the initial investment is small and the charges are transparent, which directly affects the probability of successful production of underwear.

4. Industry relationship relationship

In many industries, connections are still a key factor.In the erotic underwear industry, there are many channels that can establish contact relationships.For example, connecting contacts through industry exhibitions, entrepreneurial organizations and social media.Through the development of an authoritative organization in the industry, merchants can quickly establish relations and obtain internal production information and resources.

5. Raw material supplier

If a merchant can get materials directly from the raw material supplier, the cost can be reduced to the minimum.Merchants need to determine the raw materials they need, and then query the raw material supplier of sexy underwear and send a purchase request to it.However, this method may lead to high cost and high risk.

6. Industry intermediary

Industry intermediaries are a top -to -bottom business model, that is, manufacturers develop new products and establish contact with sex underwear brands.The advantage of this model is that the process is more neat and easier to control quality, but the cost of development is higher.This may not be suitable for individual companies or small clothing merchants, suitable for large -scale sexy underwear brands.

7. Foreign processed

If the merchant thinks that domestic processing quality cannot meet its requirements, it can help foreign -developed processing suppliers.The advantage of this method is that the quality of raw materials is better, the technology is more advanced, but the transportation cost is relatively high.

8. Small studio

Various -scale sexy lingerie -outer hair studios are common.This method requires a studio that is willing to choose a lower price for long -term cooperation, and ensure that the studio can be delivered as expected.Merchants need to strictly control the quality of underwear to ensure success.

in conclusion

When choosing the method of sending out sex underwear, the merchant should carefully study all the options.Because when selecting methods, each merchant has different considerations, such as time, quality, trusted manufacturers, materials and quality of underwear, and the initial funds of the merchant.Based on various options, merchants can find the most suitable way for themselves to meet the needs of customers most perfectly.

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