When do you wear a sexy underwear?

When do you wear a sexy underwear?

In sex, sexy underwear is an indispensable part of many couples or couples.It can not only improve interest, but also increase the degree of stimulation of sex, so that the two parties have a better experience during sex.However, some people are very confused about the use of sexy underwear. I do n’t know when to wear it. The following will introduce it in detail.

1. Wear before having sex

Wearing a sexy underwear before making love is an important way to enhance interest.Wearing sexy underwear will make women feel more sexy and charming, and men have more curiosity.For both sexes, these sexy stimulus factors can awaken the feelings of both sides, increase interest, and realize the best sex experience.

2. wear at dating

Dating in sexy underwear is a good way to increase interest.When dating, women’s sexy state is often the first impression. Wearing sexy sexy underwear can make men more easily attractive and increase the favorability between the two sides.At the same time, wearing sexy underwear is also more convenient. When dating a warm romantic atmosphere with her boyfriend, women will feel confident and sexy and increase their feelings between each other.

3. Put in party

Wearing sexy underwear is the best choice in the party.It can play games with friends, and can also attract each other with other men and women in the circle, making the entire party more natural and interesting, and increase interest.Women who wear sexy underwear are often more popular and become the concentration point on the party.

4. Wear in tourism

During the travel process, good figure and sexy underwear can improve the fun of travel.Whether it is at the airport or in the hotel, women wearing sexy underwear will become the focus of attention.Sexy underwear can also provide more different dressing options during travel. Even during dinner, your special coat can be perfectly matched.

5. Wear in a friend’s party

It is a very good way to wear sexy underwear at a friend’s party.When gathered with friends, wearing sexy underwear can increase interest, not just to face lover.Wearing sexy underwear can be more confident when communicating with friends and showing their feminine charm.

6. wear in essential activities

Wearing sexy underwear in essential activities is a very good choice.Whether it is a party or a pairing city activity, wearing sexy underwear will make the activity more exciting and exciting. In these activities, you will show your women’s softness and make more people feel your masculinity and male domineering.

7. Put in less time in sex

The time for sex is often very short. Therefore, in order to increase the quality of sex as much as possible, it is recommended to wear sexy underwear at a small time.Quickly enter the state and carry out the best sex life.

8. In the menstrual period of women

Every woman has menstruation, but for men, this situation is not convenient.Therefore, in order to make men more willing, women can wear sexy underwear during menstruation, increase interest, and make men like and understand themselves.

in conclusion:

If you want to increase interest, wearing sexy underwear is a great choice.Whether it is sex, dating, party, travel, friends gathering, essential activities, or sexy underwear during menstruation, wearing sexy underwear can give you a better female experience.

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