Where can Fouzhou have fun underwear


Sex underwear is a special underwear that can increase the mood and romantic atmosphere. It is favored by more and more women, and Fuzhou is no exception. Next, I will introduce you where to buy sexy underwear in Fuzhou.

Shopping mall purchase

As a relatively developed city, Fuzhou has multiple shopping malls. Many shopping malls have fun underwear counters, such as Dexin Plaza and OCT.Buying sexy underwear in the mall is not only brand guarantee, but also some preferential activities.

Taobao purchase

Taobao is a very convenient platform. Not only is the types of products complete, but the price is relatively affordable.When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, you can directly search for relevant keywords according to your needs, such as "sexy underwear", "adult underwear", etc., can also be recommended by stores, such as "cute little girl".Or second -hand sexy underwear.

Offline products store

In addition to shopping malls and Taobao, there are many offline sex shops in the urban area. Their choices in underwear are also very rich, and clerks are usually professional training to provide professional opinions and suggestions.

Network -based product store

If you don’t like to go shopping in the store, you can choose to buy sexy underwear in a network -sex shop.Network -based goods stores are also a convenient way of shopping. They can also choose their favorite brands and styles, and they can also buy goods without leaking privacy, which is relatively confidential and privacy.

Brand recommendation

When buying sexy underwear, the brand is an important choice standard. The following are some popular sexy underwear brands that are more popular in Fuzhou. You can refer to:



Lace storm

Bena Tongwester


size selection

Because the design of the sexy underwear is relatively unique, the size selection is also very important. If the size is not suitable, it will not be comfortable to wear.You can refer to the suggestions below when selecting the size:

First of all, measure your size correctly;

If your size is between two standard sizes, it is recommended to choose the size of the largest size, otherwise it will affect the effect of the dressing;

Pay attention to comfort when wearing, do not be too tight or too relaxed.


Sex underwear also needs to be well maintained. The following are some maintenance precautions:

Follow the washing label instructions

Use a special cleaning agent to clean

Hand washing is better than machine washing

Do not scrub too much, so as not to damage the details such as material and lace

Wrap the erotic underwear with a soft towel and place it in a ventilated and dry place to dry, don’t expose and dry

in conclusion

When buying a sexy underwear, you can choose the methods of shopping malls, Taobao, offline supplies stores, and network -sex shops. The brand types are also very diverse. You must pay attention to the correct size selection and maintenance methods.

Finally, buying sexy underwear is more to increase sentiment and romantic atmosphere. You should pay attention to the use of effects and personal feelings, choose your favorite style and brand, and enjoy comfort and fashion.

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