What to do with a fragrance and sexy underwear

What to do with a fragrance and sexy underwear

As a special clothing, sex underwear can inject women’s desires and emotions from different aspects.Among them, sexy underwear with fragrance has become a very popular choice in recent years.So, how to make a fragrant sexy underwear?This article will take you to understand the relevant knowledge.

Choose the right fragrance

Interesting underwear with fragrance needs to use suitable fragrance to make the wearer feel happy without having disgust.For different occasions and crowds, the fragrance should be different.Common fragrance can be divided into fresh, floral and sweet types, and users can choose by themselves.

Choose suitable materials

The material of sexy underwear is also crucial for underwear with aroma.Common materials include lace, cotton, fiber, etc., and each material can have a different effect on the exfoliation of the aroma.Therefore, when selecting the aroma, the effect of the material should be considered, which can produce a better aroma effect.

Choose the right way

You can choose two ways to add fragrance with fragrance underwear. One is to spray perfume directly on the underwear, and the other is to put natural petals, peels and other materials into the inside of the underwear.There are advantages and disadvantages in both ways, and users can choose according to their actual needs.

Pay attention to the impact of different materials

When choosing to install natural materials into underwear, different materials will affect the extension of the aroma.For example, rose petals may make the fragrance stronger, while citrus peel may make the fragrance fresher.Therefore, when choosing the material of the underwear, pay attention to the characteristics of different materials.

Concentration of controlling fragrance

The sexy underwear with fragrance needs to control the concentration of the fragrance.If the aroma is too strong, it may produce discomfort, and too lightly cannot effectively play the effect.Therefore, when designing, the uniformity and fragrance concentration of fragrance distribution should be considered in design.

Reasonable distribution position

The distribution location of the fragrance of the fragrance underwear needs to be paid attention to.Different positions will have different stimulating effects on people’s sensory. For example, the aroma of the neck will be more likely to cause sexual interest, and the aroma of the chest will be more attractive.Therefore, users need to choose according to their needs.

Pay attention to personal taste

When designing sexy underwear with fragrance, you also need to consider the impact of your personal taste.For some weighing people with heavy body taste, the lighter aroma effect may lose its effect.Therefore, designers should take into account the needs of different users in designing in order to better play the actual results.

Do a good job of details

The production of sexy underwear with fragrance needs to be treated well.For fabrics or flowers such as spices, anticorrosive treatment is required to ensure the quality and aroma of the underwear.In addition, the use of materials such as cutting flowers must not be too cumbersome to avoid affecting the comfort of wearables.


The production of sexy underwear with fragrance needs to consider multiple factors, including the selection of fragrance, the influence of materials, the concentration of fragrance, distribution location, personal taste, and so on.Only by handling these details can we effectively make a high -quality sexy underwear.

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