What to do if the sexy underwear is found by the family

The embarrassing experience of sexy underwear was discovered by the family

Interest underwear is a tool for women to increase pornography and interests. However, when family or relatives discover these underwear, women can feel very embarrassing and embarrassing.Here are some possible situations and coping methods.

The family suddenly entered the room

The family’s suddenly entering the room is likely to happen. At this time, in a hurry, you should hide the sexy lingerie or put them in a private place.It is recommended that women place underwear at the bottom of the cabinet or under the bed. At the same time, avoid lingerie on the bedside table or the center of the wardrobe to reduce the probability of being discovered.

Search room

Sometimes family members may suddenly search for women’s rooms. If this happens, it is recommended that women think of a response method.For example, put underwear in an inconspicuous place, or use a private safe to hide them.If you are worried about being found, you can consider booking a locker to store your sexy underwear.

The family accidentally discovered underwear

What if your family or relatives inadvertently discover women’s sexy underwear?The first thing to pay attention to is not to be angry and complained, because this will only make the situation even more embarrassing.On the contrary, you should explain calmly that this is your privacy and ask them to respect you.

Your own problem

Wearing a fun underwear in front of your family or relatives may cause unnecessary embarrassment.Therefore, it is recommended to wear some ordinary underwear in front of family or relatives to make you get along more harmoniously with your family.

Plus more protection of privacy

If you care about your privacy, you can consider installing a password lock at home to protect your privacy.In addition, you can also buy a small safe to place the sexy underwear and keep them away from the sight of the family.

Control your inner emotions

It is a very bad thing to be found by the family’s underwear by the family, but you must control your emotions.If you are too emotional, it may cause dissatisfaction and disgust from family and relatives.

Seek support

If you feel lonely and helpless, you can talk to your friends or spouses, and they can provide you with support and help.If you do not have friends who can communicate with you, you can also consider the opinions of a professional psychologist or sexy underwear professionals.

Try to let your family accept these underwear

Some family members or relatives are conservative and think that sexy underwear is a very shameful thing.However, you can explain to your family’s realistic underwear to increase interest and other methods, so that your family can understand the reasons and benefits of you who wearing fun underwear.This will help your family to accept your hobbies more.


As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear is a very embarrassing thing by family/relatives and friends.The above are some situations and response plans. I hope to provide some help to women who have such problems.However, the most important thing is to respect your privacy and not to be forced to be exposed.In the end, we need to build a environment that respects privacy and gender with society.

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