What to do if the dormitory is not good to dry the sexy underwear

Question: What should I do if the dormitory is not good to dry sexy underwear

Every woman likes to wear sex lingerie to beautify her body and enhance self -confidence.However, for girls living in the dormitory, drying sex underwear is a very embarrassing problem.For some reasons, they cannot dry private items on the balcony or clothes rack, so what should I do?Let me share with you a few practical methods.

Method 1: Use a hanger and bedside table

If your dormitory has a hanger and a bedside table, then you can put sexy underwear on a hanger and bedside table.First of all, choose a lingerie with good breathability to wear it, which is easier to dry.Then, hang the erotic underwear on the hanger, or put it directly on the bedside table to let them dry naturally.This method not only avoid being discovered by roommates, but also to speed up the drying speed of underwear.

Method 2: Use carton and dry towels

If the dormitory does not have a hanger and a bedside table, then you can use some simple tools to dry the sexy underwear.First, prepare a clean carton or clothing box, and then put a dry towel.Then, the fun underwear was dried, and then placed on a dry towel, covered with bath towels or other fabrics, so that it was not easy to be peeped by roommates, but also allowed the underwear to dry quickly.

Method 3: Use a hanger and bathroom

If you live in a separate bathroom, you can use the mirror and hanger of the bathroom to dry the sexy lingerie.Hang the sexy underwear on the hanger and put it in the bathroom.Then, open the ventilation or doors and windows of the bathroom to circulate the air so that the underwear can be dried quickly.

Method 4: Use a slippers rack

Slipper rack is a tool that can replace the drying rack. It can easily dry the sexy underwear.You can choose a slippers with ventilation holes to dry the underwear, or put a clean towel on the ordinary slippers.Hang the sexy underwear on the slippers, and then put it in a ventilated place to let them dry slowly.

Method 5: Choose good breathable underwear fabrics

If you find that sexy underwear is often difficult to dry, then you can consider choosing a good breathable underwear fabric.For example, synthetic fiber materials with good cotton and breathability can be dried faster, so you can give priority to these materials when choosing sexy underwear.

Method 6: Buy fast -drying sexy underwear

If the dormitory is too humid and the underwear is difficult to dry, you can choose fast -drying sexy underwear.This underwear uses the fiber of fabrics to have direct and indirect water absorption performance and better evaporation performance, so it can be dry faster.

Method 7: Choose dark underwear with dark colors

Light color underwear will be easier to attract attention, which increases the risk of exposure.Therefore, choosing dark underwear can not only reduce the risk of exposure, but also reduce the attraction of roommates’ attention during drying.

Method 8: Choose lace underwear

The breathability of lace underwear is better, it is easier to dry, and it can also increase interest and sexy.If you want to dry the erotic underwear, choosing lace underwear will have a better effect.

Method 9: Use the dryer

If you washed underwear with ordinary washing machine last night, and today it is just raining to dry, then you can choose to use a dryer to dry underwear.

Method 10: Choose organic cotton underwear

If you want a comfortable and environmentally friendly sexy underwear, you can choose organic cotton underwear.Organic cotton underwear is made of natural cotton material, which has good breathability, antibacterial deodorization, and does not cause any harm to the human body. It is a very good choice.

In summary, we can use various methods in the face of the difficult problem of drying sex underwear in the dormitory.Whether you use the bedside table, hanger and carton, or choosing dark underwear, lace underwear and organic cotton underwear, you can achieve the purpose of fast drying.At the same time, choosing fast -drying sexy underwear and using dryers is also a good choice.Of course, the best way is to never let others see your personal items, so as not to cause embarrassment.

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